Hypothyroidism and rebellious gardening

I am turning 53 tomorrow and looking forward to growing old disgracefully despite my body not agreeing with me and feeling 73 but it and I continue to rebel. it is what i do well and excelled at in my boarding school education Where I eventually graduated with expulsion. My life was blessed with rebellion and 2 children. (Another story or two) 3 years ago Hypothyroidism robbed my spirit and the ability to drink wine as modestly as I could manage. ButThankfully through finding this site I am able to drink again without feeling thoroughly horrid My strength and sanity are also returning and my spirit and rebelliousness with a vengeance after their enforced hibernation.

I am even regaining my stamina and for hours am able to weald my various axes and bow saws, anything green around quivers including my other half. The other week I enjoyed experiencing role reversal when axing some annoying bushes in the dark , a gang of hoody teenagers nearly jumped out of their skin when I greeted them with a hello, hood up and axe in hand. Their faces were a picture!

My ever patient man is pleased to see me slowly regaining my health and stamina but often frets when I stomp off in my steeltoed boots wrapped up and belted up with secators and saws looking and feeling armed and dangerous. Very few trees or bushes have escaped my eye or axe. One dear friend calls my tools my comforter and has threatened to take my comforters away! he is obviously in collusion with my other half However I hasten to add I am replanting. I do have a trusty spade and trowel but that is usually used to pick up the neighbours doggy dirties. Our lovely neighbour rents one of our houses and is too busy so is happy for me to destroy, sorry reconstruct the garden along with clearing up after his dog whom i have now trained to do his toileting within a 1 square meter area! I love gardening (and dogs) and have an assortment of secators, my newest set only lasted a week before being totally unusable. Killing secotors was always second nature to me so it is good to see I am back on form. either that or they aint as well made as they used to be! The salesman will give me a new pair when I return them. I am well practised in returning substandard secators and other tools of devastation.

however my philosophy of gardening is niavely simple.... It either lives or it doesn't. I like it or I don't, If it looks dead it goes and if it's alive and pretty it stays. I couldn't tell a weed from a flower but I don't care. Over the years I have had various failed and successful attempts of growing vegetables , always hit and miss but good fun and glorious to eat if the other creatures haven't beaten me to it. I don't do killing, so the creatures live well and become fat in our garden. My man has just asked me what do I know about gardening? Well, not alot actually but what I do know is I enjoy it and when weeding sawing or chopping I am in another zone, day dreaming, writing songs, music or poetry or solving problems. And for a recovering thyroidy rebel this is indeed good medicine plus fresh air and excercise. and at the end of a session there is something to show for my efforts, usual total devastation and destruction however I am happy because this provides me with "reason d'etre" and weeks of fun clearing up. My next years log pile has being growing at a rapid pace. But Why is storage of logs so contentious? This is where men and woman come to loggerheads literally. Happy gardening for me is good medicine And soon i will be 53. What gardening joys do await me for the next 53 years? I can't wait. My recent weapon of choice is a powerful power washer, Everything in range had been washed within an inch of its life. Patios, paths, fences, cars and the council car park next to us wasn't safe either. On Monday staff at the council offices commented how clean it looked, I didn't like to mention how many new potholes I had created! I didn't know Tarmac loses the fight against a power washer, Whoops. You learn something new every day. Onwards and upwards I say. I'm gonna beat this thyroidy thing. Happy days ahead, Spring and summer are on their way and plenty of gardening opportunities. And Long may my rebelliousness continue.

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  • Great.. I wish you could power wash some medical regulators! Mary F x

  • Thanks Mary, I will see if I can muster up some more rebelliousness on a local level. There are 2 local GPs surgeries practically opposite me. Tempted! C x

  • Hi there, I am only responding to the first part of your blog, as Im curious to know why you chose age 73 ?

    All being well you shouldnot feel that much different at 73 meybe wiser though ....x..

  • Hi Sam75, originally I put in 93 but changed it to 73 at the last moment! I am hoping I feel good at 73 and a lot wiser!

  • Agree!..nothing wrong with being 73 but I'm biased and I have a 92 yr old friend who is in wonderful nick!!!

  • That is lovely to hear at 92 one can be in good condition. Wishing we all get healthy in the near future and keep healthy in the far future too. X

  • I enjoyed reading this and I'm so pleased you're well enough to be devastating/reconstructing outside again. I moved to a new place a few months before being diagnosed hypo and decided to destroy/reconstruct my tiny garden as part of my healing last spring - it really helped... Enjoy!

  • Thank you. So glad I am not the only garden destroyer, Yes it is part of a healing process which is wonderful for the soul. X

  • Please feel free to tidy up my garden any time :) pruning and pressure washing would be very welcome ;) Glad you are feeling better. Xxxx

  • Thank you, I am feeling better, Onwards and upwards. X

  • Yes, I feel it would be useful for you to be let loose in my particular area, there are some particularly offensive pampas grasses that need seeing to! MF x

  • I would love to be let loose on your pampas grasses! Diesel and a match would work well! X

  • No I meant the neighbourhood... mine were banned when we bought the house and moved here! I was so offended by them, incineration was the only answer! MFx

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