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hospital saga continues

Hi supports still on cardiac ward on monitors I have a last got some numbers at last. I was supposed to be discharged at 10 still waiting to doc. Throat on fire I can feel lump on left side just got a kind nurse to sneak at file. Have been on 40 cabisarol since Thursday pm figures are TSH greater than ten

Free t3 18. 4

Free t4 48.8

Any advice ? Promise full storey to follow when I feel well enough.

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Pleased to hear you are getting some answers finally! I thought treatment was supposed to be discussed with the patient. This clearly hasn't happened here!

I can't find any reference to cabisarol. Could it have been carbimazole or cabaseril? The former is for hyperthyroidism and the later for hyperpituitarism, I believe.

If your TSH is above 10 when your thyroid hormones are also high, it suggests secondary hyperthyroidism of some kind. Pituitary maybe? At least it seems that they are treating you now. I have to say I am not impressed with the way you have been treated by some members of your medical team. Hopefully they will investigate why your pituitary is producing so much TSH when you don't need it.

I hope you make a speedy recovery and someone actually starts telling you what is going on! It is disgraceful that you have had to keep asking for basic information.

Take care and please let us know how you get on.

Carolyn x


Hi it was the first one drugged up and typo sorry.


:) Glad they're treating you at least!


I am glad you are finally getting some answers and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Take care and please keep us posted I was thinking about how you were doing last night.

Best Wishes


Wishing you a all the best and hope you get well soon.

Make sure they give you answers.

Love and peace Kerry


At least they are giving you an explanation and hope you feel better soon.


Hi hope you get some answers from medical team and the you feel better soon x


Hi sounds like hyperthyroidism to me. I am a hyper and have done stints in the cardiac ward too. You are lucky that they bothered to do the bloods as they didnt with me. Hope you feel better soon.


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