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named patient basis


I'm lucky in that my GP is happy to prescibe natural thyroid. However this is on a private prescription basis and is therefore costly.

What is the mechanism for getting an NHS prescription? Is this something IO have to petition my GP for or does it have to be through PCT or somewhere like that.

Also if I get an NHS prescription where do I get it dispensed? The places I have used so far only accept private prescriptions. can I take it to Boots and insist they get some because it's an NHS prescription?


PS. Currently taking Erfa and finding it much better than Armour!

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Whilst some GPs are willing to prescribe, it's often taken out of their hands because the local PCT is not willing to fund.

With regard to actually getting your NHS prescription fulfilled, this document on the Thyroid UK website might be of help


I used to get my armour or erfa on the NHS - for 10 yrs, by a hand written prescription, but my surgery have just stopped all hand written prescriptions so I'm not allowed it anymore. Am about to go ask if I can get it privately.

However, I found a local chemist who was willing to get it for me. They also needed a letter once a year from my practice to say that I needed it for thyroid treatment (as opposed to wieght loss treatment)

So you may be able to find a willing chemist. Mine local chemist were very helpful.



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