Just got my first prescription for T3!! Was so happy until I got to the chemist... £463 for 2 months of 10 mcgs a day of Liothyroxine.Dropped off the private prescription at the gp desk to convert to NHS.

Saw a private Endo ( who incidentally has an NHS) clinic in a different hospital nearby who gave me a private prescription. Why is it so expensive??!! Has anyone had this problem in Kent? London?

The gp might not prescribe it then what?? I cannot function anymore 😭

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  • its big pharma price gouging of the NHS

    theres places to order it from in europe for pennies

  • Really?? Where from? I need 20 mcgs though can I use my private prescription or do I need a script at all? Thanks for sending a link

  • The German make Henning Thybon is available in 20 micrograms. (Now called Sanofi Deutschland.)

  • That is outrageous how can it be legal??

  • So-Ken, my daughter bought me T3 on her trip to Greece and it was about two Euros for a thirty-pack of 25 mcgs. Something fishy going on. Ask people to send you private message as to where you can order your own.

  • Without a prescription?? I think that is the 0.025 mcgs version very weak ?

  • 20mcg tablets are the only dose of tablet prescribed in the UK, 25mcg tablets are generally used elsewhere. The US has some tablets available which are 5mcg and 50mcg . You seem to have got your units of measurement a bit muddled up.

    With a prescription, the world is your oyster. Some online sites demand a prescription, some don't, but you could buy from either. Most of us buying T3 are limited to buying only from sites that don't require a prescription.

    Whatever you do, buy only from sites that people on here recommend. There are lots of fakes and fraudsters out there, particularly those targeting the body-building crowd.

  • Is T3 popular with body builders?? How does that work?

  • No idea HOW it works, but some take an increasing dose as they approach competition, then taper it off again. The amounts quoted can be staggering.

    I'd suspect this type of use could be dangerous but we do not seem to have a stream of reports of body-builders dying from it.

  • Bodybuilders use steroids to bulk up and use high doses of T3 for up to 12 weeks prior to competition to act as fat burners.

  • - BUT there has been recently many fitness women reporting having hypothyroidism. I of course do not know if it is taking-T3 related, but just came to mind.

  • Hi So-Ken2 Uni Pharma, the T3 from Greece is 25mcgs per tablet. In October of this year it was € 1.15 per pack of 30 in Halkidiki available over the counter. There is also tiromel, which some people find fine - this is cheaper to buy online from the UK than the online provider for Unipharma, so you might like to try that first. I think you are likely to be surprised and annoyed when you go to get your script. Unlikely you can get a private script 'converted' to an nhs one, especially for this incredibly expensive (in the UK) hormone.

  • Is it the same quality as Liothyronine ?surely not?

  • Ken

    liothyronine and the way NHS drug procurement system works is a total scandal

    Presquip are mixed up in it to

    suggest you pull all the info folk on both here and have posted and go direct to your MP sure Thyroid UK have some official paperwork you could have copies of

    This is a matter which needs sorting at highest level bcos its down to pure greed by what was mercury pharma and it is not the only vital medication

  • So-Ken2,

    It's Liothyronine. Much cheaper to buy European T3 with or without a prescription.

  • Wow that is mind blowing... is it the same quality as Liothyroxine? My endo said it was the best- also recommended me to buy levothyroxine from France in gel form as much easier absorbed and better quality than Uk levo!! What a head f...k pardon my French!! I really think this is wrong for suffering patients to resort to self medication especially T3 which could cause pbs? I only tried getting NDT online and gave up last month as most are fraud and not cheap. Never thought T3 would've been av how naive... anyway wanted confirmation from a specialist first but could carry on on line if good? Which is the best brand? Heard some batches could be weaker ect

  • S0-Ken2,

    There's no best brand, different brands suit different people. If you want to use your prescription you can buy Sanofi Cynomel (French T3) or Thybon Henning (German T3). You can use these online pharmacies It may still be cheaper to try Tiromel or Uni-Pharma without prescription.

  • great which site can i buy tiromel from in uk?

  • So-Ken2,

    You can't buy Tiromel in the UK. I sent you a PM yesterday or this morning which says where you can buy Tiromel.

  • That is almost certainly not available in the UK because the licensed importers seem to focus on the USA.

  • Thanks which brand is best / cheapest?

  • So-Ken2,

    See my reply above.

  • Buy it online from Greece... that's what I do!

  • which site do you get it from? What is the t3 brand called?

  • We can't give web address on here so I'll PM you the details of where I get mine from...they are from Greece and are 25mcg :)

  • I'm on T3 but endo writes to gp to have her write up prescription.

    Would your Endo do that?

  • Well he should yes! He wrote him a letter ect but I can ask sure he would. Just need it now!

  • If in the UK the Associations are informing prescribers to no longer prescribe T3. Several members have informed us.

  • Yes didn't have much hope but let's see! If you don't ask you don't get... I am French and disgusted by this system luckily have had private insurance through work. Wanted NDT but could only find scam website and obviously endo refused to prescribe it saying synthetics are better! I didn't think I could buy T3 online !!?? Should I use my prescription then?

  • I think if you are ordering from abroad and have a prescription you will have to pay for the T3 but no-where near the rip-off as in the UK. Every time the company has been bought over, the price of T3 has increased about ten-fold I think.

  • Sorry Levothyronine!! Stupid auto correct!!

  • There are two synthetic drugs available for treating hypothyroidism.

    The one that people are usually prescribed is Levothyroxine, also known as T4.

    The one you have been prescribed is Liothyronine, also known as T3. T3 prescriptions in the UK are almost impossible to get from the NHS these days, and people who are being prescribed it are having their prescriptions taken away.


    There is also Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) or Desiccated Thyroid Extract (different names for the same thing). Doctors don't like it. Lots of patients who get the chance to try it do like it a lot.

    (Hillary Clinton uses NDT. US doctors were shocked about this and appeared to blame her doctor for not being up-to-date. It didn't seem to occur to them that perhaps she preferred NDT.)

    The active ingredient in NDT is made from dried and ground up pig thyroid, hence the name including the word natural. But it is a prescription drug which has lots of processing done on it to turn it into a pill, so it is really not all that natural!


  • so-ken2* it really depends on your ccg if they are giving gp's the order not to prescribe T3 then you don't have a choice each area has a different ccg and they seem to work independently so check with your ccg I pestered my ccg and they have advised my gp that he has to keep providing t3 until they issue the mandate they are also going to let me know when they issue the mandate sometimes you need to push the boundaries it's worth giving it a try

  • It's expensive because the NHS has a very poor purchasing policy. You are better off buying online outside the UK if you have a private prescription - a pack of T3 costs only a few euros in most other countries.

  • Hi... be careful what you buy on line it's far to expensive but your health is worth more than a few hundred pounds, hard to find I KNOW !! But I wouldn't take a chance. Wish you good luck 😉. Keep safe & happy.

    Peggy 🌺🌺

  • If you have a prescription, buying online is just the same as travelling to that country and going to a chemists -and many of the other brands are better than mercury pharma.

  • thanks Peggy I am indeed worried about buying drugs online...unless it has been recommended on this site- where do you get yours?

  • Hi So-ken.....,,, I'm on numerous medications For so many conditions......but all my medications mare from. My GP / hospital. So wish I didn't have to take so many ,(BUT) & I mean it I would never buy online ,I hear so many frightening stories. Obviously it's your decision !!! but why won't your GP prescribe them for you ? I sincerely wish you good luck & health for the future.

    God bless you

    Peggy 😇

  • Ministers and some MPs are well aware of this profiteering but appear unable or unwilling to act. There have been posts about this for about two years.

  • I paid privately to see a specialist who told me that she was happy for me to do a 3 month trial of T3. She then told me the price!!!!! I told her we couldn't afford that plus the cost of the private appointment! She also has an NHS clinic in a different hospital so she did then say if my doctor would refer me to see her there, she could prescribe it for me on the NHS which is what I have managed to do, thankfully.

  • Phew! That was lucky.

  • I recently saw an nhs endo in Bristol who told me clearly that he wasn't prepared to test for T3 and wouldn't prescribe to patients. He put this down to it not being "cost effective".....his words. However he did acknowledge that he would be prepared to monitor patients taking T3 from other sources. During our meeting he referred to the nhs having to make cut backs and save money. Sad times indeed.

  • And yet diabetes 2 costs the NHS 20 BILLION a year 😐

  • Anyone who is on thyroid medication gets free prescriptions. I take 60mcgs of Liothyronine per day and it is free. I had to fill in a form for a medical exemption certificate at my docs.

  • That only applies to NHS prescriptions. So-Ken2 said that it is a private prescription.

    Also, the Medex only applies in England. (Doesn't need to apply in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales though there are some interesting situations along the borders.)

  • where do you live? Yes I get free Levothyroxine already and have a medical card. does it work for Liothyronine t3 though??

  • It's the only one available on the NHS or privately through a pharmacist in this country. PM as I will be able to help.

  • Could you not ask your GP to refer you to the same consultatnt as his NHS hospital? That way you could get the T3 prescribed for free. I get mine prescribed on the NHS by an Endo in Cardiff for free, although I also order them on line.

  • That often does not happen. Consultants are suppsoed to hand over responsibility for ongoing prescriptions to GPs. If the GP refuses to prescribe (whether because they don't want to or are told not to) that is it. No prescription.

    Occasionally, somehow, a few people do get these repeats from consultants. It might also differ across the constituent countries of the UK.

  • My last gp had told me that their practice were stopping prescribing T3 in around 3 months. This was back in August, but luckilly for me I moved in August to another area. Had I stayed in that area with that particular GP practice and my T3 was stopped my endo in Cardiff which was 2 hours away from where I lived at that time would have given me a prescription himself and I could have got the T3 from the hospital pharmacy where I see the endo. I know of other people who have to do that, because their GP refuses to prescribe it after an endo request. I have done that in the past. Luckilly, I moved into an area where they prescribe T3 and also do it as part of the thyroid profile when I have blood tests, which at some surgeries I have been registered in the past I have at to specifically request the T3 blood test, then the forget, then I have to complain ect ect just to get it done. And, when they do not do it, it means I have to travel to the hospital the week before my appointment to have the bloods done there. At least that is not an issue for me now and hope things stay that way.

  • I have a private doctor write a prescription for T3 from a compounding pharmacy in Germany. Six months of T3 was somewhere between £ 65-80 -- depending on the strength.

    I'd contact them and see if they have a GP in your area who will prescribe for you. Good luck!

    Their contact:

    Receptura Apotheke

    International Compounding Pharmacy

    Peter Cornelius e.K.

    FIZ Frankfurter Innovationszentrum Biotechnologie

    Uni-Campus Riedberg, Altenhöfer Allee 5

    D-60438 Frankfurt am Main/Germany

    (Our customer service:)

    Telefon:+49 (69) 92880 (on working days 8:00 am to 7:00 pm)

    Telefax:+49 (69) 92880-333


  • wow great can i get it with my private prescription then? pay and they ship it over?

  • That I do not know. I would contact the Receptura and/or get your private endo to fax a prescription. (Then they'll get your payment and will ship to UK.)

    Good luck!

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