Yesterday I found some old jeans and popped them on and yes they were not quite the fit I remember ! Even with stretch in the fabric ! It wasn't long before I noticed a dull ache in my lower back and on went the magnetic belt ! Later in the day I had a yoga class and changed into my oh so comfy cropped leggings and quickly noticed the pain had subsided....!

I then remembered something I had read years ago about wearing tight jeans not being good for circulation in the abdomen etc. and why ladies in India wearing saris had far less problem with female problems and so on. I also realised when I pulled up the tough zip the tummy was held in - great - but the internal bits and pieces were compressed and no doubt putting huge pressure on my lower back ! Hence the dull ache. Pointing my tailbone down towards my heels had no positive effect - which usually works for me !

Could this be a problem for others ? - worth a try !....so out come those comfy leggings again..... x

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  • Thanx - xx....can't do smileys !! x

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  • :-) thanks !

  • Hi Marz I've been wearing joggers and leggings for years just for comfort - I dislike wearing restrictive clothing of any kind and will probably turn into a sloppy old woman ;-)

  • There are over 7000 people on this site - and we are not going to let that happen ! Comfy you may be - but sloppy NOT !!

  • lol :-D

  • Ahhhhhh that explains a lot!! THANKYOU , :-))

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