Goitres, regrowth? Can anyone help please.x

Hi everyone,

can you help? I had he I thyroid and goitre removal 3 years ago. It was found to be has hi. Has anyone had a removal and had another growth in what was left behind. My throat seems to be swollen again, more hoarse that normal with the cough and swallowing problems like before.

If anyone can give me their experience , it would be helpful. It might be easier to convince my doc I'm not off my head.

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  • That should say hemi thyroid.


  • I think it might be possible as I had a total thyroidectomy as one large nodule in one half which caused the same symptoms as you and surgeon said he would take out whole as I had small nodules growing in the other side and would only be back in a year or two. Not sure if that helps!

  • Thanks for that, I will discuss it with him


  • I had extreme thyrotoxicosis in 1974 and had my thyroid removed. 11 years later, it had regrown and this time I had RAI. My thyroid levels have started going up again, and am now on 100 mcg 3 times a week, and 50 mcg 4 times. I have been told that erven aftef RAI, there is a possibility the thyroid can regrow. I am hoping this isn't the case with me!

  • Perhaps if you weren't being given enough thyroxine and your TSH was raised

  • After a subtotal thyroidectomy in 1978 while 14 weeks pregnant, it was found about 10 years ago that my thyroid had re-grown again. The endocrinologist thought it unlikely to be working again though and this has so far proved to be the case.

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