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Under active thyroid and now diabetic!!

I have an under active thyroid and have had it for about 20yrs. I had a fasting blood test plus my usual ones lft fbc thyroid function done at the Doctors went for the results and told my thyroid is "FINE" but my glucose levels were through the roof at 20.9 bother another tablet to take and its now making me feel so ill I felt fine until they told me I was type 2 diabetic. What I would like to know if there is a connections between both illnesses

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Sometimes when you have one autoi-iimune you can get others.

By the way, can you get a print-out of your FINE thyroid levels complete with ranges (figures in brackets) and someone will comment on them.


Hi If thyroid disease is auto immune, which is often the case. Then you can have diabetes 2 without any of the obvious causes, it is also hormonal. You may get other autoimmune disease too. At the last count I had 12, as one of my many consultants says, "They like to hang around together". Just look out for them,, treated as they occur if possible otherwise just live with them.

I hope that helps.


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Hi Pollybistik.

Almost a snap! I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 20 years ago and now diagnosed with Under Active Thyroid 2 years ago. I started on insulin 18 years ago, after finding that Metformin did not agree with me (2 years of upset stomach, constipation and the rest is too much information).

I had antibodies of 553 when I last had a Thyroid private blood test two years ago so I have Hashimoto's. Everything I have read so far indicates that it is only type 1 Diabetes that is Autoimmune.

Try to persevere with the tablets for Diabetes because the alternative of injecting insulin is not fun (bearable but not....)

As a matter of interest I have been started on Metformin recently to try and bring down the amount of insulin i have reached. The Metformin I am taking is slow release and is kinder on the gut (a bit anyway). I have managed to reduce now from 80 units twice a day to 62 units twice a day.




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