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Does anyone know a good GP in the Clapham North area who is sympathetic to those with thyroid and adrenal problems?

Hi everyone

I've just moved to Clapham North and need to urgently register with a new doctor, but before I do, I wondered if there might a Doctor more suited to me as someone with adrenal exhaustion and lack of ability to convert T4 to T3.

I'm actually on Prozac for my thyroid which may sound strange but it speeds up my metabolism which makes me warm and able to digest food much better. I'm not on any thyroid meds but am taking 4 nutri adrenals a day as advised by Dr P.

All thoughts gratefully received!

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Sorry that no one answered your question. If you still need help, we have a list of 'good' NHS Endos - drop me an email

Or perhaps our Private GP list would be helpful. :-)




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