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Had enough!

ll my bloods have come back within the so called famous normal range so why is it that I have spent the best part of last week end and this week in bed to tired to depressed and in to much pain to do anything and sobbing non stop! It's my birthday on Tuesday and I'm dreading it because the family want me to go out to dinner with them. I feel so mean feeling like that but the only place I seem to be less panicky is in my bedroom. even showering and putting on make up at the moment seems like climbing mount Everest. what is happening my life its ruined. :(

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Im so sorry you feel so awful, i know what you mean the slightest thing tires me out and pain is so wearying.

Do you feel like that with T3 added or are you just on T4, sorry i know i read it on one of your blogs but couldnt remember, Can you get in touch with your Endo? Have you ever taken Natural Dessicated Thyroid? I saw Dr P again recently in Stockport and he said that a lot of people feel much better on natural thyroid. The lady that was with him also said the same. I know i havent given you any good advice, Just wanted to say i feel for you and hope you start to improve soon, Hope your birthday goes well, Im sure one day you will recover as some people have been ill for several years and then they do get better. So please dont give up.

Love angie xxx


Hi Angel

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I'm seeing my Endo again in 6 weeks no I have not as yet tried Dessicated Thyroid. The thing is im 66 this birthday and the thought of spending my last few years like this are unbearable. T3 makes me worse.

Dancer x


If T3 makes you worse, then check out your adrenals with a saliva test.... (private). Poor adrenals are a common reason for not tolerating T3.



Hi Nel.

I was looking into the saliva test yesterday thank you.



Hi Dancer ,

So sorry that your feeling so poorly , and with your birthday coming up , I to have spent many birthdays at home in bed , and many other partys and outings , but there is light at the end of the tunnel if you get the right help I feel sure of that , I now feel so much better than I have for ages , I'm now taking T4 & T3 and vit D3 , I also take antidepresants for the pain I have in my back , as pain killers do nothing for it , but it seems to have done the trick ,at least for now keep fingers crossed .

Don't give up on yourself you have dealt with so much , don't except the normal blood test , call your GP and Endo tell them that they are not normal for you , and you want them to find out what is normal for you , thats what there job is after all !!!!

I hope your well enough to go out on Tuesday , and have a Happy Birthday .

Love Jan Xx


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your support, I'm so glad your feeling a bit better long may it last and yes fingers tightly crossed for you. I don't mean to be defeatist with all the other stuff plus this it just all gets to much and I have a really bad flare up of Diverticulitis at the moment which doesn't help the spirits and is very painful. I'm having a Sigmoidoscopy next month and I think they will be removing that part of the bowel because there is a lot of bleeding hopeful I wont end up with a colostomy bag! that would be the proverbial straw. Thank you for the Birthday wishes.

Love Sandie x


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