Slightly OT: colonoscopy

GP is sending me for a colonoscopy. I wondered if anyone knows the rationale for eating only white food 48 hours beforehand (I thought bile coloured the stool, not the food itself) and why you can drink fizzy lemonade, but not lemon juice in water, and why bovril counts as a clear liquid.

Of their list, the only foods I can eat are white rice and potatoes (great for breakfast!) :-(

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Something to do with dietary fiber I should think.

I wouldn't have though there was as much fibre in lemon juice as in a plate of potatoes.

I had one of these this time last year if you wish to know more in depth info please pm me Karen

I don't know the answers to these questions I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say that the whole procedure from the 48 hours of preparation to the actual procedure itself was no where near as bad as I imaged it would be. I wish you well.

Hi It is simply that the whole of the colon must be clear, so, anything that cannot be quickly digested must not be taken. It is very important or they will not be able to do it. Until recently it was only clear fluid for 3 days not food. If you feel weak ( you can ) have lots of stock drinks, beef (eg. bovril) or chicken stock etc.


I understand why, I just don't understand why bovril, for example, is allowed but not lemon juice in water. I'm stuck with white rice, which I wouldn't normally eat, and potatoes - I'm a vegan so I can't drink any of the things you mention. I'd happily do a two-day water fast but the nurse told me not to.

If you just had water you would be so weak. As said it is only the diet or lack of it and the preps, the rest is easy. It used to be 10 times worse, 3 days nothing much.. It is well worth making sure you have a good , clear result, otherwise a waste of time.If allowed to eat then, water is fine, or vegetable stock.. it used to be the norm but you do not want to feel too weak.


I had this done last week and drinking the moviprep was hard going. Prob the worst bit of the whole procedure. Hope all goes well.

The instructions for the prep stuff I have say to mix it with cold water and it will then heat up. Did yours do that?

Hi I made mine up cold water. Then just drank it. First packet took me 2hrs. Second one 2 hrs. I threw a third away. Keep very close to toilet

I know this is an old post Angel_of_the_North, but just wondered if your stomach ever settled down? I'm still having problems!!

No, never. Since then I've had barium swallow, SecHAT test, Hydrogen breath test - all "normal".

The only thing that helps and it isn't something you'd want to do all the time is a parasite cleanse called Humaworm that I got online. You take it for a month at a time. After about a week on that, I'm fine, but everything goes wrong again a few days after I stop it. Just need to track down what the ingredient is that is helping.

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