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Slightly OT, I really must learn

Not to get involved in local gossip girls discussions on diet.

I kid you not this girl is posting for advice on a diet. She has done lots before, very successfully (her words) but is now ten stone overweight. 'I really need to lose weight quickly because I am desperate to get pregnant.' And of course all the peddlers of snake oil are jumping in, Cambridge, Lighter life, personal torturers.


Rant Over

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"Personal torturers". Perfect description! lol



The only thing that has ever worked for me is going to overeaters anonymous. I lost about 15 stone with them, took a while though. I wouldnt advise a quick fix, its not good for you or a future baby. I got pregnant when I was still about 20 stone. Do you have polycysitic overys and if on thyroid medication are you on the right stuff at the right dose.


He diets cant be that successful if she's done loads and is still 10st overweight!


Oh my! No such thing as a 'diet'... I heard in the late-'60's [I was v young and always slim until much later in life ;-) ] that, "If you are prone to putting on weight, then you must change your eating habits for life". It really is back to basics :-)

'Diets' are a con, utilized by the very same kind of industry that has made Big Pharma so successful... don't believe anyone who tells you about some wonderful new diet!

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Feel the need to point out that there are several other [hormonal] reasons why people gain weight and find it very difficult - nigh on impossible - to lose weight... despite the crazed protestations from medics about 'balance' and Calories In - Calories Out. Medicine clearly does not sufficiently know about that which it preaches. How naïve of me to say that re weight... let us not forget our thyroids ;-)


i don't know what is wrong with her, but she is really warped in her thinking. Yes, don't get involved, we here have enough of our own troubles to worry about.


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