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Blimey, me dogs are barking!!!

Anyone else have foot/leg pain??? My heels are numb on both feet, and have for the last few days, got pains in my feet, with my left one being the worst. They are a bit swollen too.

So bad that I cannot sleep, as cannot settle or get into a comfy position.

I am on naproxen from the doc, due to my wrist pain and stiffness, which isnt do a darn thing for them, so do not think there is anything there that the anti-inflammitaries can sort.

Getting fed up of it being one thing or another!!!

Any advice on how to get some relief, is greatly appreciated!!

Ann xxx

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I think you need an increase in your meds. I also had leg/foot pains. Re your wrist pain and stiffness. This is a link but I think all your pains are connected.


The thing is Shaws, the endo is refusing to treat me until my TSH gets nearer to 10!! Hoping the GP will decide to treat me when I see him on Wednesday, or at least let me have a second opinion.

Ann xx


What a pity - him being an Endo. Try and find the name of a 'good' Endo. I don't know if someone could private message you with the name of one?

You could ask in a new question.

You have probably read this link before but it shows that some were trained in clinical symptoms taking the priority over the TSH.


I want to see the one my hairdresser sees, She says he was really patient and understanding, listened to everything, didnt presume she was depressed when she got upset, and has been good with her, explaining the meds and how they worked.

Its a doctor at Trafford Hospital.


CA - Please can you email me with the details of this one? I have a VERY short list of 'good' NHS Endos - would like to add..! :-)





Good luck on Wednesday - I'm not treated either as a TSH of 5.12, symptoms & half thyroid out apparently isn't enough for a trial - meanwhile get that Vitamin D up - helped me with wrist pain/weakness (it does take a while - 3 months, and my shin pain got worse to start but drops def helped) - Apologies if I've probably suggested this before! Jane :D x


It could be plantar fasciitis - common hypo symptom - commonly known as police mans heel.- from bad circulation.

I get this as well as and numb tingling dead limbs (arms and legs, face and ears too sometimes!) this can also be B12 deficiency but I believe less than optimal circulation is to blame....


Hi everyone, I've been plagued with this too, feet 5 years, and painful calves 7 years. Look up Tarsal tunnel syndrome. I saw a foot doctor at an orthopaedic hospital for 2 years. He treated me for plantar faciitis, but when I didn't improve I insisted on a scan. By this time I could only wear old trainers, trying to walk is shoes was a no no for over 2 years. The scan proved it wasn't platar faciitis. The conclusion was it was something systemic. Still in the same position. Despite increases in Levo, nothing has improved. They are the bain of my life, the calf pain makes walking outdoors very painful.

Ann I feel for you, it's so hard to get any sleep with this. My feet burn too and have lots of nerve pain in my toes.


This is really interesting. My son has terrible pain in one of his heels. In fact, for someone who won't go to the docs I was amazed he went to hospital thinking he had broken a bone!

It might be wiseforhim to get tested.

Thank you so much for all your inputs xxxx Gail


Years ago I had terrible heel pain when in a standing all day job & I got some shoe inserts from Boots which were quite pricey but did help, I think they support the foot better than regular shoes.

I have appalling pain in the tops of my feet and as the docs given me some Ibruprophen gel for my hands - waiting for a carpal tunnel appointment - I've been slapping this on the tootsies too too & it does help but use the 10mg, the 5mg doesn't really touch the pain.

Good luck all,

Cath xx


Yes, I have foot pain quite often, too. Pain in heel, burning soles, pins and needles, pain on top of foot and enormous swelling. Don't have any miracle cure for it (except I find getting enough salt and magnesium helps) but as far as comfort sleeping is concerned, I use two extra pillows: one between my thighs and knees, and one between my feet (I sleep on one side or the other, not my back). I find this helps greatly by isolating the feet.

Probably sounds daft, but whatever! lol Grey


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