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Very painful feet . Am I right in thinking

that someone posted about this a few days ago ? . I remember catching sight of a post a few days ago ,but I simply cannot find it .

I cannot believe how painful and swollen my feet are . If I get up to the loo I walk like a Chinese woman who has her feet bound .

It's nothing to do with heat as we have had precious little of that . My actual bones hurt .


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This one is older than a few days but I hope you will find it useful Pinkpeony


Thank you , I will take look .



I can sympathise with you. When my levels are not right my feet are so painful that I can barely walk. My hips also begin to ache around the outer side of the hip right at the top of the leg. I am beginning to get this way again and have an appointment for tomorrow to see Doc about getting my bloods checked. I have been hypo for around 8 years and I now know when my levels are not quite right..


doris thank you .

I am taking NDT and haven't had my bloods checked for a while so will do that .

I saw a doctor last week who offered me water tablets😕


Morning, I am sorry to hear your feet are so painful. Have you tried soaking them in Epsom salts and warm water? This has helped me in the past. I love Magnesium oil it helps with aches and pains. I hope things improve pretty darn quick for you x


PS Pinkpeony, I have Scholls support socks on prescription and these have helped a lot with swollen ankles. I was prescribed made to measure ones, but found them to tight and difficult to put on. I have them on my repeat prescription and get 2 pairs every 3 months. x


Thanks Mango , I am just puzzled as to why it has just appeared in the last few weeks . I am having a bit of a rough time at the minute , a trapped nerve in my hip that I was having physio for which is a bit of a laugh as she has cracked my rib with too vigorous a treatment .

Now my feet! I am so sick of feeling " crap , my poor hubby must be sick of me .

Sorry for the whinge 😥 Pp


I had plantar fasciitis before I got my T3 levels up high enough. I don't get it any more. It tends to affect people first thing in the morning or after sitting for a long period of time. Could it fit your symptoms?


humanbean , no it's the top of my feet into my ankles . I came out of hospital in May with a ringworm on each ankle and I'm convinced that either that or the anti-fungal c ream I have to put on is the cause . The doctor of course begs to differ. The skin is shiny and stretched . I have sprayed magnesium oil on them today, and will try the Epsom salts. Pp



If it is this, then you have to be treated with antibiotics. It can become extremely serious :

If the symptoms of cellulitis fit your symptoms, then if you get no joy from your GP I would suggest going to A&E.


Scary stuff humanbean . I will keep an eye on it.

Thank you .

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