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Endo Appointment

Well I went for my endo appointment on Thursday what a waste of time, they were only interested in why my TSH level seemed ok for years and then in the last 6 months has gone haywire going from 0.8 to 17.16 back down to 1.4 then back up to 52 then the last one 67.99. They think its the labs fault so I had to have another blood test which they are sending off to two different labs to see what the results are and will let me know, they didnt ask me anything only about why I was there. They sent me off with an appointment for 2 months time and about 2 weeks before that appointment I am to have another blood test.

I am so disappointed had high hopes for this appointment. I was seething when I came out of there and I have a good mind not to go back, they are not interested in you really I think I have more luck with my GP than them.

I really dont know what to do now any ideas


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If they do think it is the lab's fault, then they are pretty much bound to do what they have done. How else can they decide if it really is the lab's fault and try to get proper test results?

Very difficult for them to move forward on treatments, etc. when they do not reliably know what is happening.

At the same time, it must be disappointing. And it is a bad side of the systems that such things take so long.



More importantly, how are you feeling in yourself? Well or not well?


I'm very tired; letyhargic and all my miscles ache and want to sleeo all the time, not much change in my ailments but have to wait for the blood resultts.

Thanks for asking



Any fluctuations in your weight as well? Any night sweats or urinary symptoms I wonder?


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