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distraught over hair!!!

I have cried buckets the last few days.

I went for my hair done on Tuesday, and have been seeing my hairdresser for 5 years now, so she knows my hair.

She has said that she didnt want to alarm me, but there was more hair than I normally shed in the sink, and it is thinning round the sides.

How do I stop this?? My brother is getting married in July, I want to look my best, and I dont want to lose any more hair, nor do I want to cut it short.

I see the quack next week, and am hoping he will at least give me a trial of thyroxine. Dont know what I can do if he wont, as I havent had anything back from the endo I was sent to, nor do I want to see him as he was an antiquated dinosaur.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ann xxx

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Hi Ann

I too went to the hairdresser last week, she noticed my hair was different (apart from greyer!) not thinning exactly but def not much of it, I usually am like 'crystal tips' and it has to be layered? It's usually curly too but am going thro' a straight phase (& wash it daily now - strange) are you not on any meds like me?

Well my guess is if my Vit D was low (supplementing that) the likelihood is other stuff too -Iron - ferritin is stored iron if that's low too - I only got a test for HB, but not lately either - there's a few posts about hair & ferritin - have a looksie. Methinks I will get some spatone for starters, as liver & onions just ain't cutting it anymore! Jane :D


Hi Jane

I am on supplements of Vit D for the last 2 and a half weeks, doc got letter from endo in december but I didnt, and doc called me in.

My ferritin was just 6 at last check, but as my iron count was classed as normal, the endo wouldnt supplement that, he looked at me with disgust when I asked if I should be taking iron and ignored my question.

My hair is usually really thick and coarse, can do anything with it without the need of styling products, and goes wavy if I dont dry it with the hairdryer, which I only do for going to work so as to not knacker my hair with too much heat.

I work on the customer service desk in Tesco, and really dont want the others I work with nor customers from thinking there is something wrong, with my hair going thin.

I will have a look and see if I have got iron in the cupboard from the last time I needed it, as I feel it wont hurt to boost my system a little.

Thanks for replying xx

Ann xx


Seriously, a ferritin of 6!!! That's terrible and should be treated.

I've been dodging iron deficiency for a couple of years, and one of the more reliable signs that it's bad again is my hair starting to come out.

There are many other factors that influence blood results as well as iron, and some can mask iron deficiency. You can be iron deficient and still have normal haemaglobin, red blood cell size etc.

It doesn't seem to be well known, but it should be, that most of the symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia are due to the low iron rather than the anaemia, and you can have symptoms quite a while before you become anaemic.


Hi Ann,

There is a research paper in I think the bmj about people with unexplained fatigue and a ferritin of below 50 improving on iron supplementation - cant remember where I saw this though! Would be worth having a hunt for it. A value of 6 is madness! At one point mine was 19, which was a couple of points above the bottom of the range and it was 'decreed' all was fine!! I clearly wasn't fine as I had made an appointment with my GP in the first place! So I feel your pain :-)



well here's the search on hair - I'm looking too. I am so stupid, I ignored all this info for Vit D then found it worked, I was looking at B12 next but think I'll reseach ferritin first, seems to help others with this hair thing, I would never have thought my hair would get thin as it was always too darn thick! (bit like me really) J x


I know what you mean, my hair has always been thick, just like me lol x


My son is getting married in June - crikey! I'd better start looking for a big hat, got a facile fascinatior for my other lad's wedding - well, it did distract from the fresh 4" neck scar at the time. hey ho! Hopefully all eyes will be looking at the beautiful bride and not me, phew! J :D x


Omg I cant believe your not treated with a ferritin of 6....... do you still have periods....your iron might be normal but for how long with stores that low yikes!....... you need to get ferritin up to 90 to benefit your hair!....... I had same problem but when my ferritin increased 90 and above my hsir improved. ........ dont panick it will be ok. Xxxxx


My ferritin levels are 12 (as at aug '12) and I'm not being treated either. the range starts at 6 at my local lab and therefore I am considered "normal"

My hair is also falling out quite badly at the moment too, but its just another thing they are not treating in the long list of things they are not treating, although I am in the process of buying my own vit D which is definately below range, so hopefully it will improve.


I love this site and check in daily x would be a good spot on tv too ;-)


Ferritin is the one - the stored iron in the liver. Seems low levels in women are indeed connected to hair loss and thinning hair. Do hope you can also persuade your GP to prescribe a trial of T4 before the wedding.

Am not sure where you are with your blood results - need to check your posts - ooops sorry ! Just wondered what your FT3 is ? My hubby had very high Ferritin - well, over range - and he has plenty of hair at almost 74......!

My own hair has improved since being medicated and I am constantly updating with the things I learn on this forum.

My Dear Mum lost her hair at menopause and her kindly ? doctor told her to buy a wig. This was so awful as she worked in Fashion and wanted to look good. Other Hypo things continued - including the prescribing of angina pills withour any tests and so on. She made it to 80 - but I do feel her quality of life could have been improved with treatment. Sadly I was not well informed at that time and was not of any help whatsoever.....except trying to keep her warm when she came to stay....!

Good luck and try not to cry - it will soon all come right for you............


So very pleased I found this thread - I am quite distraught about my hair - Its long - it has become so brittle - even though i give it a good soaking in conditioner - every day with every good brushing - i have clumps of hair coming out - and notty - which i have never experienced - I am already taking daily dosages of VIT D 1000 - and B12 1 a day - have been for a few months - what else is there that i can take.


Hi everyone-I'm having hair troubles too. Just a little word of caution over Iron levels-I thought my iron levels must be low as all the symptoms suggested it but when I got tested they were in fact too high! (Unusual I know but just thought I'd mention it) I have gone gluten and dairy free because of my hair and am using Aveda Invati. My hairline is no worse, but no better either but the rest of my hair seems to have thickened up...though it is still very dry. Hope this helps :-)


I have been pretty hairless for sometime...body hair that it, eyebrows and fairly thin hair which is fine (hair that is, not the situation!). Just recently I noticed something growing hair on my arms again! Not too sure I like that but it does mean something is happening and I haven't complained about my hair for ages so perhaps that's improving. It can only be Vit D3 which I have been taking for some months now. So keep taking the tablets and things could improve. I must remember to take a magnifying glass with me to the bathroom and see if same thing is happening to legs! Just my everywhere except where I want it ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!


My legs used to resemble a blonde gorilla but now the hairs are very sparse which to me indicates that my body is very slow at producing new hairs. My eyebrows and lashes are much finer too. I would gladly go back to the gorilla look if I could have my lovely thick hair back! I wonder if there is anything that actually stimulates your body to produce hair-not only on the head?


Hi I sympathize with you as I had problems with my hair too, looked like a grey haired grannywith visible scalp showing and could not tolerate colour on my hair!! Now I take Vit D as well as multi vits which seems to have helped thicken and grow my hair, also helped with eyebrows which had disapeared! I also started taking flaxseed oil capsules 1000mg 2 months ago and now am getting comments on how healthy and shiny my hair looks. Can also tolerate some highlights now as well so now look nearer to my 52 years.Hope that helps, but it does require patience.


Hello all

I got to the point with my hair where I was thinking about it all the time. Women who are diagnosed with cancer are more worried about losing their hair than dying ( what is the matter with us !!!)It's such a big part of a woman's identity.

I wear hairpieces and haven't given my thin locks a moment's thought for six years. Wattz international and hair4all are two sites I would recommend without hesitation. If you are at the stage I was at, you want to stop crying and take control. If anyone needs further advice PM me. This is one thing you can really kick a** with and get on with your life, unlike a misbehaving thyroid, if you take the bull by the horns. There is a site called which is also good for communing with those going through a similar situation.

{{{{{ all struggling with hairloss}}}}} - I feel your pain.

Raps xx


Hair loss/shedding is common with hypo. The first time it happened to me the Endo let me add T3 to my T4 and I had injections in my scalp

I then had to buy a wig as it developed into alopecia areata - 3 times in the last three years - each time in the summer. Twice all hair didn't fall but June '12 started to shed again - completely bald by Sept. I could feel some stubble so didn't see dermatologist this time. Now hair looks extremely short and still have 2 bald patches so wear wig when I go out. All my friends think it is great as it looks good (better than my original hair). I console myself that at least I don't have cancer.

It was my GP told me the original diagnosis so see your GP. There are encouraging stories above and hopefully your hair will come back soon.


I remember a couple of years ago someone sent in a link on this site to a video clip about a woman who had lost her hair twice and regained it again (twice) using B12. See if you can find it. It was quite compelling.


cseresnyes, Supplementing with Vitamin D3 1000u is not enough. You need 5000 minimum, preferably 8000u daily for the anti inflammatory and protective qualities. (you hopefully won't get any more colds) It's very safe, natural Vit D3 after 20 mins in the sun is 10.000u. The research is out there and proven, it's the new cool discovery!



When I took 5,000u Vit D.a day for 6 months - I developed Hperparathyroidism!

I felt quite ill, and had lots of bone pain. I already have Osteoporosis and have suffered 4 broken ankles in 25 years. The Doc. told me to stop taking Vit D all together - and my PTH returned to 'high' normal within a couple of months. I now take only 1000u twice a week - because no one seems to be able to explain why this occured.

Just a cautionary tale - because the enthusiasm for Vit D. supplementation is high.



Hi, I have been trying Nixon (number 1) shampoo and conditioner for my hair loss and it has helped by thickening up the hair I have left and I have some new growth. If things don't improve get yourself some clip in hair extention's, they are fab! :-) Good luck...


Oh bless you, I know you probably think this is a really silly thing to say "but TRY not to worry" the more you get stressed the more will come out I have had patches of hair loss for 26 years ever since I had my one and only child, it comes out then grows back, nothing much helps, but you could try taking some Zinc, I also asked for a trial of thyroxine but my doctor just wouldn't even consider it. get yourself some clip in hair extensions it makes you feel so much better, If money is no object (it will cost anything from £750) you can have a netted hair piece done if you have some hair they are truly fantastic we have a place in Lincoln and they look amazing, mine always grows back so at this point I am not going to pay that much money to make me feel better but if I lost a lot I would certainly save up to have it done,one thing I will say is you will notice it a lot more than others do but I realise it can knock your confidence, take the opportunity if possible to ware you hair a different way that's what I have had to do it takes a bit of getting used to but anything is worth a go, don't get too upset, regards Paulne x


On a practical level you could buy a wig some are very modern these days and you can always get a hairdresser to tweak them to look natural or get some hair extentions fitted. I have also had sudden hair loss hypothyroid and have been on thyroxine for years but managed to keep my hair. I think it started to really thin out because of a berevement in the family and stress over a long period could that be your problem? anyway good luck.


I've had hair loss for the last 20+ years, body hair, eyebrows and my very fine hair also became thin and brittle. I then had my head shaved for charity and have kept it short ever since, but it still breaks off and blocks the plughole.

Good luck for the wedding. Warm Regards, Janet x


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