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Hair loss with over active thyroid


Please could I get some help/advice. My daughter has been diagnosed with over active thyroid and has been put on medication. Recently she has been losing her hair which she is finding really upsetting. Does anyone know of anything we can do to help and will this stop once medication is regulated.

Thank you for any help you can give.

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Hi. I noticed that I shed more hair than normal about 5 months after being diagnosed with Graves' disease. Not sure if it was a result of overactive thyroid, the treatment or the fact I was under active for a very short time due to the treatment. Anyhoo, it did worry me that it would continue indefinitely. However, it didn't and new growth was seen quickly. I can't recall how long the hair loss continued for, perhaps for a month or so. It was never noticeable to anyone else although I do have very thick hair. I never had any bald patches develop or anything like that. I just noticed extra hair in my brushes and some hair shed if I ran my fingers through it. I do remember being very worried but in my case it turned out to be unnecessary worry. Hope same for your daughter. Best wishes.


Thank you for sharing your experience. It's reassuring to hear. Hopefully it will stop soon! There's so many horrible side effects that come with the over active thyroid that we were unaware of.


Hi joannesmith I would get your daughter's vits checked B12, ferritin, folate and vit D as when you have problems with thyroid these can be low in range and really need to be at optimal levels, if these are low can affect hair loss and also how well we feel.


Thank you that's really helpful advice.


I lost lots of hair when my thyroxine was too high,or if the brand of thyroxine didn't agree with me ,after I had a Total Thyroidectomy , my hair is lovely and thick now it better than it ever was ,it will get better ,

I can tell if my thyroxine is too high or low just by how my hair feels and looks.

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Thank you this is all new to us and really unpleasant for my daughter to go through. I will look into the vitamin levels.


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