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Is this typical?


I am getting results of blood tests tomorrow regarding Hypothyroidism. I have been monitored for several years as borderline - this was picked up in routine blood tests. In the last few weeks I have experienced tiredness like I have never felt before and tendon pain in my hands, arms and legs - particularly my ankles when going up and down stairs. Can things change so quickly? It may sound stupid but I hope the results are conclusive and I can start on medication - just want to feel normal again. Is this common? Thanks.

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Yes this can be quite common as your thryroid can work in fits and starts and when its at it lowest then all the symptoms you are discribing will show. Sometimes the thyroid takes an age to actually give up the ghost - hence all your borderline results so either its almost given up altogether or is having a prolonged period of sluggishness.

Moggie x


About a year before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism I went to my doctor feeling absolutely washed out and had a blood test that showed me to be within "normal" range. About 6 months later I began to get quite a sharp throbbing pain in my left shin bone. My bloods were taken 6 months later and I was then diagnosed as hypo. I have since experienced it in my hands and arms and find this to be a time when I am particularly low in thyroid hormone.



Thank you. I am glad I am going to find out tomorrow and take it from there. I realise now that this is the start of my journey with this.


Coming down the stairs first thing in the morning, I wondered why my ankles were so sore....that was my first noticeable problem with my thyroid. Of course I didn't know the cause yet. My legs also had some slight swelling. I also had some weakness in them. My stomach got very bloated and hard. Lack of thyroid hormone affects smooth muscle which covers most internal organs.

You may want to check antibodies for thyroid autoimmune disease.


Carpel tunnel syndrom maybe? Can be linked with hypothyroidism in my experience. ; )


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