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audio information on chronic fatigue/ M.E./ thyroid/ preparing to see an endocrinologist?

I wondered if you know of any information on audio file please? Because my health is so bad that I am unable to about read information and no-one to read it on my behalf. I do not have any screen reader either.

If you know of any audio information to help me . I would be very grateful. I'm specifically looking for information about M.E./ chronic fatigue syndrome in relation to: thyroid, endocrinology. My GP has referred me to an endocrinologist (at my request) , and I want to know the best way to prepare myself too.

I was diagnosed with me 16 years ago, and have recently been trying to look down the thyroid/endocrinology route

Thank you. Kind regards,

Thankful W

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What computer system do you have? That is, Windows? Mac OSX? Something else? And which version?


PC laptop, pretty sure its Windows!


Certainly Windows 7 (which I am using) has:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center

In there you can use Narrator. That will read out what appears on screen.

In Windows XP I think there was similar functionality. Afraid I do not know about Windows 8 - but would be amazed if it did not also have something similar.

There are untold numbers of videos which in various ways refer to thyroid/ME/CFS - try YouTube for a start but there are many video services now. (You can actually find audio-only things on YouTube.)


Wow, T.y.! how 2 find audio-only on U tube? S'times pic distracting or not work when PC slow/ busy. T.Y


You could search YouTube or Google Video (or other search mechanisms) for:

thyroid audio

Will not be 100%. One of the first I found was actually an audio with a very slowly updating PowerPoint - low bandwidth! Probably not much need to view the slides.


I dont but this is a link to a video by two hypothyroid sufferers telling their experience of being undiagnosed to the Scottish Parliament and I am sure you will relate to their stories. Followed by a link to fibroymalgia/hypothyroidism by a Scientist who ran Fibromyalgia Research and Thyroid Science and Dr John Lowe but some of the links may be inaccessible as Dr Lowe died last year (RIP). He also was an Adviser to

You have most probably got a thyroid hormone resistance problem which because your TSH is classified as 'not a thyroid problem' you have been untreated. I am not medically qualified.

Is it possible for you to get a copy of your latest thyroid blood tests and if you haven't already had Vit. B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron ask your GP to do these.


There are also some films from fellow sufferers here:




thank you I watched some videos and when watched some more in due course!


Thank you all, will get back to you in due course! ... :-)


I found the Scottish parliament, video very helpful. The Web stories were also encouraging.


Any more info please & if you dont mind to look at my profile/ other Q's/ incl. test results.. would be so greatful! T.Y, :-)


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