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Now what do I do?

Okay so I went to the doctors this morning because I needed a new prescription. Whilst I was there I asked about the result of my previous thyroid test from the 18th August.

The receptionist said it was normal and now it's a yearly thing for the blood test. How can it be normal when Im still not feelin well. Everyday it feels like I'm slowly dying from the bad fatigued and pains.

I have no Idea what to do now because the receptionist said I didn't need to see the doctor but if I don't feel well still then does this mean it could be something else? It's so confusing! :(

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You always have to ensure you get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges (for your own records) and so that you can post for comments if you have a query. We are entitled to the copies. Some surgeries charge a nominal sum for paper/ink. Mine gives them free.

As you are still feeling unwell it doesn't matter what the blood results are. Never accept 'normal' or 'fine'. Normal usually means somewhere in the range which might be up to 5 whereas we need a TSH to be around 1 or lower whichever makes us feel good.

Did you have the blood test as early as possible and fast (you can drink water). Did you leave about 24 hours between levo and the test and take levo after? If not you can do so at your next test.

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Tomorrow morning I am going to book an appointment with the doctor to talk about it instead of a receptionist telling me.

I did find a letter from June which said my tsh is 4.5 and there aim is to get it to 1.0 so surely it can't be "normal" yet.

No one told me I had to fast for the blood test. I always take my levothyroxine in the morning so on the day of the blood test I always take it after the test.


That's good you take levo after test. The fasting part is a recently recommended tip as eating could lower the TSH and that's what the doctors rely on instead of our symptoms.


Also say you want to get a copy of blood tests each time for your own records and could he confirm with the receptionists that you can have one, please.


Same symptoms as u fatigue and lots of pain :-(

I need to go back to see my GP too, feel like I'm never away from the place with myself and the kids.

Hope u get some answers from ur GP x


You need a copy of your blood test results without that we have no clue how to help you

But it sounds like your gp has no clue as to how to correctly treat hypothyroid

Get a copy of your results and post them on here


When my receptionist at my surgery said that I asked where she had got her medical degree!!


Thank you for your replies. I have a lot on this week with college and driving lessons and things so I am going to book and appointment next week with a better doctor who is Infact my assigned gp.

Before I used to just see a doctor who has now left so I am going to see if my gp is any better. When I go I will ask for a copy and I will post them on here.


Instead of making a new post, ill just write on this one.

I finally got to see the doctor (a good one) and i told him that im not feeling any better.. I dont have my levels but i do know that my tsh is 3 point something and my thyroxine is 15 ranges: 8-20. He said that i should feel okay. Anyway he has upped my dosage to 100mcg instead of 75mcg and i have a repeated blood test in two months.

However in worried about thyroid cancer, i didnt mention it to him as i have a history of worrying about illnesses to the doctors. Could thyroid cancer be the case of not feeling well though?


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