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Rossilin 600 G.Ps Please stop fobbing us off and really listen to what our symptons are and act

Rossilin 600   G.Ps Please stop fobbing us off and really listen to what our symptons are and act

Rossilin 600

Hi. In october last year after years of complaining of full hypo symptons despite having been on 125mg of thyroxine for over 20 years I have been diagnosed with Addisons disease, primarily brought on I believe by being treated by TSH levels and not by symptons having caused major stress on my adrenals, not helped that my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I also lost my mum under awful circumstances. I now take 25mg of steroids a day and need further investigation on getting thyroid stabilised as endo has now agreed after my diagnosis that thyroxine has not been converting into my cells and must now treat by sypmtons and not TSH levels , they also discovered an empty sellica under piturity gland and an abnormal growth hormone, no wonder I have virtually come to a standstill in my health, but despite all of this I have not had time off my part-time job which I love by the way until xmas eve when I went into work feeling very ill and had to come home after 15 minutes as I felt like I was going to fall over (extreme dizziness) and was having problems finding words to string a sentence together, I attended a doctors that day and had blood tests done but was also told my glands in my neck were enlarged (and tender) and my throat was very red (I did not have a cold or sort throat) as recently diagnosed with Addisons and on steroids the doctor liasoned with consultant and I was told to double dose on my steroids as my body cannot now fight infections as well. I informed work wht was happening and was off work with sick certificate for 4 weeks, when I felt I was well enough to return to work I went in to talk to my boss and said I could return on the following monday, on the sat I had a call on a witheld number from one of the joint huband and wife team boss telling me not to go to work on Monday and my employment had been terminated, I replied that this was unfair dismissal and they could not do this, but they have after 6 years of loyal service, I am now taking legal advice. I feel they felt it was a good time to get rid of me now I am experiencing a lot of health issues. I feel so let down by the many health professionals the last few years that I have been complaining that I felt my thyroid meds were not working to be told constantly that they were (GP) and my problems were dus to the menopuase and stress from my husbands diagnosis, the frustration I now feel is immense and I have also lost my job through all of this.

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Goodness, Rossilin, what a dreadful time you've been having. I'm amazed you've managed to hold down a job at all through all of this and I'm very glad you're taking legal advice about losing your job, they surely can't sack you just like that. Maybe you should also take legal advice about your GP? I hope that you will soon start feeling better now that you have a proper diagnosis and, hopefully, will be getting the right treatment.


hi rossilin, i am pm ing you....


Your story is is really dreadful.

Re your employers, I think it is certainly unfair dismissal. I, too, hope that the Endo and doctor can get you back your health.

Best wishes


That is a bad story.

For anyone who wants a brief introduction to Empty Sella Syndrome, have a look here:

This is, in my view, a classic reason not to rely on TSH.

You need good advice re dismissal - and you need it now. Try the ACAS site:



P.S.Sorry about spelling mistakes, I should have read it through properly before posting the blog. Having a bad day, but things can only get better (yeah right)


Thank you for reading my moan, I just really needed to emphasise the need for GPs not to religously stick to the awful TSH readings and just listen to our symptons and do more to help us sufferers


In my view, you have every right to moan. And it is a good thing for others to know that Empty Sella Syndrome exists and can confound TSH testing.

Please do post again with your progress.


Bloody ell, that really discracefull, you have definetly got cause for un fair dismissal hence g.p lack of recognition,

I hope you get some justice.

bigg hugs and good luck xxx


Thank you all for your support and messages, I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon for some legal advice regards my dismissal and will keep all who is interested informed of outcome as it could apply to anyone with similar health problems, I am still under the consultant at hospital who has to get dose of steroids correct to help the adrenals before we then can move on the the thyroid , this one I am concerned about as he has made it clear the the 'nice' guidelines in the NHS service do not aloow for them to prescribe T4, but he has already agreed that my thyroxine has probably not been converting into the cells and that is why my adrenals are exhausted will be seeing him next in April so waiting anxiously for the next step.


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