Why is another GP intervening?

Hi, recently diagnosed with elevated Anti-TPO antibodies at 41 kIU/L (>34), high TSH at 4.6 (0.27-4.2) and FT4 at 15.6 (12-22). I have past results if need be and I've been on Levo since May this year as I had a high TSH of 22 (0.27-4.2) and FT4 at 10.9 (12-22).

Still feel terribly tired, fatigued and just generally slow despite being on 125mcg Levo for a month.

Well, on the copy of my blood test results I've requested my usual GP - who accepts I have an autoimmune illness of some sort and has referred me to an endo - has her name against most of the tests she has ordered, however I've noticed that another GP I've been seeing - one who doesn't accept I have an autoimmune illness at all - has been ordering tests as his name has appeared.

Does that mean I've got 2 GPs keeping tabs on me? Why is this if they are?


Jo xxx

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  • Hi Jo I believe you will find this not unusual and is routine procedure.A doctor must check the results before they can be passed as ok,or abnormal.If the gp who originated the tests is un available for whatever reason then the results will be passed by another gp at the surgery or the duty doctor on the day. Hope you get your probs sorted out soon.

  • Hi Cupi, thanks for your reply. It just seemed a bit odd since my usual GP did not think I needed to have my TSH and FT4 retested since I had that done just under a month ago and the other GP had added it to the list. I thought they would want to wait much longer than a month as I haven't been on the new dose of Levo for very long.


    Jo xxx

  • And it sounds like you need an increase in your meds......could be the elevated TPO antibodies is a sign that your thyroid is under attack affecting how much your thyroid can produce of the thyroid hormones So your TSH may have shot up because your brains is hoping that this will make your thyroid listen and produce more........poor old thyroid!! What dose of levo are you on?

  • Hi Waveylines, thanks for getting back to me.

    Well, my antibodies have since dropped from 84 kIU/L to 34 kIU/L, which I don't understand, but are still elevated.

    I'm on 125mcg of Levo but I'm meant to be on 150mcg. I haven't yet increased it as I get headaches when I take 150mcg.

    My dose has been like this so far:

    25mcg - 2 weeks

    50mcg - 2 weeks

    75mcg - 3 months onwards

    125mcg - 2 months

    150mcg - 2 months onwards.


    Jo xxx

  • Jo try cutting a 25mcg tab in half to increase your dose to 137.5mcg daily for a few days/couple of weeks then increase to 150mcg.

  • Ok Clutter, thanks for this info.

    Jo xxx

  • with effective management you can bring down your antibodies. Mine were at about 400 and over 18 months, by switching to ndt and taking a high dose of selenium, i got it down to about 100

  • Hi Bluedaffodil, thanks for your reply.

    I was told by someone else (not sure where) that anti-TPO antibodies do not go up to anywhere near 84 kIU/L, which made me jump to the conclusion that I had both anti-TG and anti-TPO. So this clearly isn't the case if your antibodies were at 400!

    Also I've understood that to qualify for NDT you would need to be deficient in FT3? My FT3 was tested and was in range at 5.5 (3.1-6.8) so I don't seem to have a problem converting. Unless...NDT may be of some benefit to me nevertheless.

    Jo xxx

  • When you register with a surgery, you are given a designated GP, that will be the one that gets your test results, regardless of which GP ordered them.

    I have never seen my actual GP, and dont think I ever did at my last 2 surgeries either. In Scotland you were given a medical card that stated the name of the GP you were registered with but they dont seem to do it here. It makes no difference though, you can see whichever GP you want at the surgery you are registered with, it makes no difference.

    The only thing that could be improved by this system in my opinion is that the results should go to the doctor that actually ordered them, unless they are a locum, as often when you go to see your GP about test results they usually havnt seen them themselves until you go yourself. The one you are seeing may be treating you different from standard guidelines and the one getting the results may not be aware of a different medical need and may not flag something up that is normal for most people but may not be normal for you as they have never seen you or spoken to you. I think this is why we often get told things are normal when they are not, and that if the GP that was actually treating you got the results they may (though most likely not) see something wrong that someone not actually treating you wont.

  • Hi Susymac, yes, I do believe the GP I've been seeing is treating me differently as she accepts I have an autoimmune illness, however the other GP who has put through another ferritin test and thyroid function test does not believe I have an autoimmune illness and has said antibodies in hypothyroidism is "irrelevant".

    I have seen this other GP before about thyroid related stuff, but I had not seen him since November, which was when I last had a thyroid function test done. My TSH was 4.3 (0.27-4.2) at that time and he was the one who increased my meds.


    Jo xxx

  • Hi Jo- I think the other GP ( ferritin one) is very ignorant -he clearly doesn't understand what the tests are for!!!! You clearly have an autoimmune thyroid disorder the blood tests show that-perhaps this GP need a bit of training!! lol I don't blame you for seeing the other female GP instead -a wise move!

  • Hi Waveylines! Yes, I agree it's a smart move and it was extremely lucky that she was the first doctor I saw after I registered. :)

    Jo xxx

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