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Just been put up to 75 levothyroxine - advise please

Hi, new to this site, but have already gained a lot more knowledge , thank you.

Been hypo for about 5 years, last 6 months felt things where not right, just got my blood results, TSH 6.14, FT4 12.3, GP has increased by meds from 50 to 75, with a blood test in 8 weeks time. Hopefully this will get me back to my usually active self. Any comments on my levels etc would be most welcome, thank you.

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Hi Twin - glad your GP has upped your dose (at last) :) I suspect you may well need another increase or 2 to ideally bring your TSH down under 1 and your FT4 to near the top of the range - most people feel well in that situation. xx


Agreed with Clarebear.

Next time you get your results, could you get the reference ranges as well? FT4 especially has very variable reference ranges and 12.3 could be very low or fairly good.

And to add the usual, suggest you try to get checked for vitamin B12, folates, iron/ferritin and vitamin D.

Do you know if you have autoimmune thyroid disease/Hashimoto's? Or not?


Thank you to you both for your answers.

I was told the FT4 was in range, range being 10/22 ! I was diagnosised with Hashimoto's,

My twin sister was also tested after me at my suggestion and found to be also hypo due to autoimmune, my other sister has fibromyalgia.

I'm hoping the increase will help me to loose the 6lbs I've put on so I can borrow my twins clothes again !!!

Many thanks Twin xx


Hi Twin - thanks for your reply and well done for suggesting that your twin might be hypo too. Interestingly some people believe that fibromyalgia is also a form of hypothyroidism. Before the advent of the TSH test, people with fibromyalgia would have been treated with thyroxine or NDT and many would recover. Has your sister also been tested for hypothyroidism and if so perhaps you could post her results on here too? xx


Hi clarebear,

I've just finished face timing my sister, ( forgot to mention she also has lupus) and suggested she gets tested, she has her bloods done at present every two months.

I'll let you know how she gets on,

Best wishes Twin x


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