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numbness and headaches and extreamly cold

i am suffering from severe headaches neausea numbness in fingers and toes and lower legs been hypo for 7 years but symptoms have got extreamlly bad the last 2 years the headaches make me cry and also the coldness with results now in range why am i feeling so bad also my tyhroid glands hurt all the time and also alot of joint pain been on this site for 2 years now not feeing any better see 2 endos now thinking of going private dont know whwt else to do they both tell me its not my thyroid on hrt and 125mg of tyroxine

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Unfortunately all familiar, been wiped out the last week.

Subclinical for 30yrs and only treated in the last 4 years after becoming seriously ill. Think the long period untreated is the important thing.

This comes and goes according to Levo dose, amount of time in office and by the feel of it, batch to batch difference in the Levo. MHRA need to sort this variability out, or my thyroid could be all over the place again.

Keep optimistic and try exercise outdoors, works wonders for me.

Best wishes



Hi Make sure you have had TSH T4 and Free T3 tested. Also sounds like you need an ultra sound, a good endo will have done all these. Also make sure you have had at a minimum ferritin and vit D done , Vit d is hormonal and very important with thyroid problems.If you do not know or have not had a print out ask the secretary`s of the endos to send you a print out with the ranges ( all different),Also make sure you have had a diabetes test as hormonal the symptoms are similar. On treatment T4 should be in top third of range and FT3 near the top.


If you are able to afford it I would go private and Thyroiduk do have sympathetic doctors who include clinical symptoms in their diagnosis and do not only refer to the TSH.

Email and ask for details.


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