8 weeks pregnant and tsh extremely high....worried


I am 8 weeks pregnant and just had routine blood tests and my tsh levels come back extremely extremely high at 17. My obstetrician diagnosed hypothyroidism and sent me to see a go that has put me on 50 levothyroxine. I am so worried as I have seen that this condition can effect the babies brain development in early pregnancy and lead to low iq and learning difficulties. I had no previous symptoms other than tiredness and bloating, but put it down to pregnancy. I am so petrified that I have damaged the baby and I can't get it out of my head....I was only diagnosed 2 days ago so am new to thryroid problems....can anyone put my mind at rest or share similar experiences....I live in Dubai also so very far away from family x

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  • Firstly congratulations

    Please dont worry about harming your child through your illness, you are lucky in that it was picked up early and treatment started immediately. A TSH of 17 while high is not "extremely" high. I'm not an obstetrician, but am the mother of an autistic child, probably because my hypothyroidism was never picked up on, so I have read up on quite a lot about it. Low IQ and learning difficulties should not affect your child so long as you are treated adequately as it is not being treated in the later part of pregnancy which affects this. Motor skills can be affected in early pregnancy, but again as you have been diagnosed and started treatment within the first 12 weeks, then there really is not much to worry about, at worst he/she wont be an Olympic class sprinter, but there is no reason to think he/she wont be a happy healthy child.

    Its natural to worry that there could be something wrong with your unborn child, every mother feels the same whether they have a medical condition or not, though it must be a lot harder being apart from your family who can give you support.

    Best advice is make sure you rest and dont do to much, and make sure you take your meds (especially your folic acid) and keep on top of doctors appointments, and dont stress to much about it, but enjoy the pregnancy (babys sense stress), and make sure you post a piccy in 7 months time :)

  • My wife is also carrying 7 weeks and she has TSH level of ~88 (ultra high), two weeks ago. However dr. suggest to take med (thyronorm - 100mcg) and she is taking med. from last five days, also we met Endocrinologist yestrday and told us several things about thyroid problems. My only question to you is, does these levels of thyroid can affect mental capabilities to our child ?

  • Unfortunately I am contacting you desperately in need of answers, not yet able to offer my own advice. I am several weeks pregnant (not certain of exact gestation yet because although I missed my period last month the first pregnancy test was negative... I'm very concerned the hormone imbalance caused the false-negative after missed period). I found out this morning that my TSH is over 30. I'm getting bloodwork tomorrow to determine the gestation dating. This is the only recent post I see on this topic. Would you mind sending me an update? Perhaps we could inform one another as we go through this. A reply from anyone would be much appreciated.

  • I am 8 weeks pregnant and found out today that my TSH levels are 26. Been rushed through for a midwife appt this wek and picking tablets up tonight, repeat bloods in 4 weeks to check TSH levels are back to normal.

  • Hello there annaleigh37. Hang in there. I know how terriefied you must be. My TSH was 30 around 6 weeks. I'm almost 14 weeks now and my nerves have calmed after several medical consults. My only immediate advice is possibly demand testing every 2 weeks until your levels are clearly in range and stable. I am still testing every 2 weeks because mine went quickly into hyperthyroid. I also found out in the process that I have elevated TTGA (celiac antibody) even though I have been gluten-free for two years. Now I am on Tirosint (gluten free T4). Before I was on NDT but T3 is not advised during pregnancy, so I was hypothyroid and on T3 for at about the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy. I think the stress I endured with worry was likely as risky as low thyroid. If you want to email me directly, my email is kimberly.jacoby@gmail.com

  • Thanks for the reply. Also, just wanted to add that I have a history of missed miscarriages so am trying not to get my hopes up too much.

  • Just wanted to add to the excellent post above.

    Make sure you are taking your levo with only water, at least an hour before food and not with any other supplements. This will help to maximise absorption.



  • Hi, congratulations first of all :)

    By my own experience, when I got pregnant and learnt I was I wav lucky to be working in a hospital. I went straight away to the endocrinology department and told them I needed my levels to be checked please.

    so they did. Sent me straight away to get the bloods done end within 48hours I spoke to an endocrinologist.

    She kindly explained me why she had to increase my dose.

    From 150mcg I used to take, went to 175 and two months later or so I went to 225mcg/day.

    My problem arrived when I moved country and from doctor to doctor no one has been able or capable to help me.

    But that's another story.

    Just make sure you are in good hands, you get bloods done and results updated and take your medication.

    Also vitamins, folic acid and fish oil(I was told) every day.

    My daughter is full of beans, very advanced for her age and a happy bunny.

    All the best!

  • The only thing I have to add to the great responses above is that my thyroid function dropped dramatically while I was pregnant with my daughter and, because it was rectified quickly with an increase in levothyroxine, she turned out fine. No physical or mental problems. In fact she is a very bright and happy girl :)

    Just make sure you do have your thyroid function monitored at least every trimester in case your dose needs increasing.

    Don't forget to check out the main Thyroid UK website for more information on hypothyroidism.


    And congratulations :)

    Carolyn x

  • Hi try not to worry with your good news. I had untreated Hypo when pregnant, both children very high IQ`s, good degrees and masters. If possible have a Free T3 test, often with high TSH it is the low Ft3, if low then treatment with T3 should help a lot.

    best wishes for a wonderful baby.


  • Congratulations on your pregnancy. Like Jackie I had 3 children whilst untreated for underactive thyroid and all three are fine, with children of their own. Every mother worries about her child, unborn or afterwards, that's what being a mother does for you, and I'm afraid it's a life sentence :)

  • i am 12 week pregnant . having euthyroxine 50 m since 1 month and before 2 month i was having 25 mg. On my routine blood check on my 11th week, my tsh extreamely high range @ 45. after to days on recheck it found 26.7 . Imeediately my endocrinologyst adviced to have 150 mg euthyroxine and I m having it now. During this days I am so thirsty and drinking water every 5 minutes :-( and having pain on abdomen left side and right side frequenly.

    I am so tensed that this abnormal TSH level change will affect my baby's growth ????

    Please advice .....

  • I'd love to hear an update! I currently found out I was pregnant and wasn't being treated for hypothyroidism! At that time I was eight weeks pregnant started on 125 mg & on May 26 my thyroid was tested my TSH was 26.080 they immediately up my dose 150. Now I am being sent to a high risk OB doctor Tuesday June 9th 2015 to make sure the brain developments are okay with my unborn child!! I have been worried sick over this!!

  • Can you pl update on this now? I am in similar situation in first trimester of my pregnancy. Your update on current situation will help me a lot.

  • Hi kellyjane04... I went through post.. I want to know how is ur babay now... please reply.. I want to share ur experience...

  • Hi ladies. I know this post is pretty old now, but would anyone please please tell me how your babies are doing???

    My TSH reached 8 in my first trimester.. I don't know how long it was that high, but I'm guessing for about a month... the doctor quickly regulated my dose when he found out, and now it's just fine. I'm just worried sick that I might have damaged my child's brain... the thoughts seriously keep me up at night

  • Katrine -

    I am in the same boat:(  Before my pregnancy, ,my TSH was 2.3.  I am two weeks pregnant and my TSH is 8.3.  I had my thyroid removed many years ago for Hashimoto's and my TSH levels have been very stable on synthroid until the pregnancy.  Now they increased my synthroid from 88mcg to 112 mcg.  

  • Any updates to ur case?? I have been pregnant for 8 weeks with TSH 8! Im so concerned about the baby's health. I'm just repeating some blood tests and will be on medication in a couple of days.

  • Eveyone here is so worried on 50 tsh or 17 tsh.. my TSH level is 133.. n im 6weeks preg.. this level was about 4months ago when i wasnt preg.i was on euthyrox 50mg for 4months.now since im preg i went for thyroid test again.will get the reports tmw.keeping fingers crossed.

    Would love to get updates on kids with hypothyroid mothers

  • How is everything going now?

  • Tsh is now under control.im taking euthyrox 100mg daily.hope it stays normal till delivery.its 26 weeks today

  • Hi, I am just now seeing this thread because I too just got my bloodwork back with a high TSH but normal T4 level. Did you get on medication and everything turned out OK with your little one?

  • I am still hoping for updates on pregnancy outcomes from mother's with high TSH in first trimester. Mine was 30, but my ft4 was 0.81 (range 0.93-1.7). Just fyi for you with olivia with normal ft4, the fetal maternal specialist that I saw, plus the endocrinologist, both told me that the ft4 is the number that matters for fetal development. I'm still very worried. I'm nine weeks now and my TSH came down quickly after increase in my dose. I am still very concerned though, so much so that I suspect my stress is just as worrisome as my thyroid levels. Any updates from anyone would be much appreciated.

  • M 14 weeks now.... at 11 weekss my tsh came out 14.85 and free t4 was in range i.e .85 .... worried a lot but after first scan everything was fyn and the baby heart beating at normal range .... I advised all moms to be....NOT TO WORRY AND TAKE YOUR MEDICINE AT PROPER TYM......

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