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what to ask at clinic appointment????

sorry about the questions new to thyroid an dont know what to expect, was taking carbizomol but stopped because of ulcers an bruises, doctors put on above then also on beta blockers.having another blood test to check liver functions. i feel ok but still have swolllen ankles an seem to notice more hair coming out when washing/brushing but never had this problem before. what should i be asking when i see my consultant and can i ask for my blood tests resluts to be printed...symptons came back as soon as i stopped the carmizomol, breathless, swollen feet an weight loss but now ok on new tablets. doc suggests maybe think about iodine treatment but not sure exactly what would happen....thanks on propylthiouracil 50mg tablets, take 4 tablets twice a day , also have a goyter, aches in one arm and foot??????

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Sorry you have had so much trouble with the carbimazole but it is good the alternative is Ok for you.

Yes, you can ask your GP for copies of any blood tests carried out by either him or the consultant, to have them is your right.

Dr Anthony Toft wrote a book called "Understanding Thyroid Disorders", only £5 from chemists/Amazon. He is past president of the British Thyroid Association and his book is very clear and easy to read and will certainly explain iodine treatment, radioactive iodine treatment avoiding surgery for those with an overactive thyroid.

You can also read about overactive thyroid and treatments on the main Thyroid UK website,

These two sources will help you get things in perspective. Yes, it is rather a shock when the thyroid goes wrong but it helps to know what is happening.

Your consultant will need to know every symptom you have spoken of so he can reassure you.

Please keep in touch with this very helpful forum.


thank you....let you know what happens when i go


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