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Can the celiac iGa test ranges be trusted?

I have auto immune thyroid disease, identified by raised tpo. Treated by endo on 50mcg levothyroxine to keep tsh <2.0 and to address symptoms of confusion, mental fog, anxiety, depression and (female)infertility. (all to gp's disagreement, who despite the raised tpo, questions the endo's diagnosis and treatment !!??). With continued symptoms over the last 9 months, and presence of other automimmune condition vitiligo i have just had a celtest look test to rule this out as a further possible antagoniser: iGA Result 2.57g/l (range 0.8-2.8).

Gp says this is all in normal range. I have none of the obvious gastro symptoms that suggest celiac - which is great - nor looking to have this issue to add to the list! I was just seeking some additional reassurance of the normal range result, or are there issues with the interpretation of ranges, as seen for tsh?

Any thoughts/experiences gratefully received!

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Hi The short answer is Yes. If taking gluten for 6 weeks before test ,it is often OK , but a lot of people find they need the Gluten free diet when the bloods are normal. My endo published a paper in the BMJ in November about this. However, just because you have auto immune diseases, I have loads, it does not mean you have them all, very many diagnosed as such now. So I would say if you feel OK and blood test OK the, you do not have the disease. I hope this helps. If in doubt try the Caeliac diet which is horrible!



Thank you Jackie - much appreciated


Is high IgA or low IgA related to Celiac Disease and what is the connection do you know?


I'm afraid I don't know. I was tested for celiac as I have auto immune thyroid disease and the two are often linked as they are both auto immune responses. Sorry i'm unable to help, this is all new (and a bit of a mystery!) to me!


Thanks Vintage, I have put my question in questions! So much to learn for us thyroidy people! Lol. x


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