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Is my exhaustion normal?

I have taken thyroxine for a few years and when I get blood tests taken ( rarely as i am so forgetful) everything appears to be normal. However I am exhausted, forgetful, weak and on top of that have 2 children to look after (the youngest is 2 and this was the start of the hypothyroidism(sp?). I am sure it cannot just be my children wearing me out but I have no energy for them and this is getting me down- together with the piling on of a stone in the last year. Do I have to carry on like this? I don't seem to have the time to do anything about my situation.

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Well you're clearly still not well dear! Think you might well have to dig a little deeper here and find out why you're still feeling like this!

Have you been allowed to try any t3 or ndt....



I don't even know what these are. Thanks for posting. Quick reply as 2 year old trying to type with me


Please exercise your entitlement to have copies given you of the blood tests to which you refer, then post all results with the all-important reference ranges - in brackets after your result - and also how much thyroxine you take.

In future please never accept anyone just asserting your results are normal, always get copies of the results from the doctor right there and then. Some doctors unfortunately do not deserve the faith their patients have in them, you have to be pro-active in your health, posting the complete results will be the first step.

Believe me, I speak from experience as will many others on this forum.

We look forward to hearing from you.


thank you. I will do. If I can ever get an appointment


No need to go for an appointment, just send a letter with a stamped addressed envelope. Write to the doctor and cc it to the head of practice. Head it data protection 1998 and say that under the terms of the act you are requesting copies of all test results for free t4, free t3, thyroid antibodies and tsh which have been undertaken in the past 5 years.

Give them two weeks to comply. You do not have to give any reason, and you are entitled to the results. Then post them on here and people can comment. It's not normal to be absolutely worn out, many of us have been there and it is possible to get your life back.

You probably need lots of vitamin C, and some selenium 200 mcg daily for starters.......

Xx. G


Thanks for taking my advice further in this very practical manner. Good stuff.


Unfortunately, many GP's are content when the patient's TSH test comes within the reference range and ignore the clinical symptoms but we need to have a TSH of 1 or below to feel well. Sometimes, too, the medication doesn't suit us and we have to look elsewhere for assistance to recover our health.


Wow, wish i had looked at this website before. I have felt like this for 2 years and all I have done is take the medicine which doesn't seem to work. Must now take control and get life back. Thanks everyone for posting


Hi if GP will not do tests enough , can you use Blue Horizon through TUK site? The intermediate test covers TSH T4 and Free T3, so you can show them to the GP, you sound under treated. Also make sure GP tests for Ferritin, vit D and diabetes as a necessity and other tests which are desirable. Tell the GP you cannot go on like this and if no good ask to see a good endo. If endo research first, do not rely on GP` ideas!These can all cause exhaustion , there are other things too but get those right and see how you are.

Best wishes,



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