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Does anyone else feel sick around food?

I have for many years at times felt sick. Sometimes during eating, sometimes whilst cooking. It has usually gone away within 5/10 minutes if i stop eating/cooking.

I have now felt like this for 3 days. Today i have managed 3 pieces of malt loaf and 2 biscuits. I am starved but can't face food :( any of this related to Thyroid problems at all or could it be unrelated??

thank you

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Hi Danifox, I certainly felt very sick around food in the days before I was treated with 75mcg Levothyroxine, but this disappeared within about 4 months of starting treatment. I have been on Levothyroxine (Mercury Pharma), never having got above 75mcg since 1997. Was not on any treatment from 1978 until 1997, but began to feel an awful lot better once I had gone gluten free about 12 years before treatment with Levothyroxine. Hope this helps, but I am sure someone else will be able to help you much more than me. Janet.


Thanks Janet. I didn't even get a notification for this reply. I hate this site now, I don't think people can see the questions to answer them now :(


I didn't get a notification either, but just thought I would check and see if you got any more answers. Hope it improves soon. Janet.


Hi dannifox have the same problem at moment could go days without eating anything but I am making myself. have had this before I don't know if its the levo was given by docter lansoperzole that helped but she says I could have an hiatus hernia.have you had any pain anywhere or just feel sick I keep getting a pain under my left rib xx


trouble is i have pains all the time, spasms and allsorts so if i do get anything i don't note it down if you get me, because i am so used to it.......... :(


I can get very nauseous about food, and eating

a] just thinking about

b] trying to shop for it

c] going to open the fridge

d] preparing & then dishing it up [ even microwaving!]

e] eating it.

yet I could, on a good day do one for you, maybe one for e but not be able to eat it.

I think mine is more due to the med's I'm on for another condition, but I don't know for sure.

keep your fluids up,

try to eat little but often,

biscuits, and things that don't need chewing soup, ice cream, jelly are ok.


Thanks Sandra. Today i have managed 3 pieces of malt loaf and 2 biscuits :*( am a real foodie too so it's upsetting me. As much as this site layout and not getting notifications that anyone has replied ! :/


I think adrenals play a part in this. There are times when i just heave at meat. Feeling nausous all the time and just not enjoying eating isn't nice. Yet another thing to not take pleasure from :-(

I'm with you i hate the new site. I can only get on using a touch screen phone. I have a lot of double vision do it's a complete nightmare. Funny how it had to change because of heavy traffic, where is everyone. Such a blow for poorly people who struggle with most taskes. Hugs. Xx


I know, it takes too much energy to figure it out :( i had my adrenals tested and yes !!! mine has been meat issue for years now, i gradually gave up meat because of it !


I just don't have the brain power :-(

I sometimes force myself to eat and i swear i can't taste much now, putting a lot of salt on everything. My morning porridge now has sea salt in.

I was a veggie for years but started to eat meat, horrible at first, but found out my B12 was very low. Excuse typos can't scroll through my text argh! X


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