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Thanks to you all for your support, you are amazing

Amazingly, it is now just a week since I was so wound up, tense and nervous about my forthcoming trip to Glasgow to see Dr S. You all reassured me and you were absolutely right and I was able to report back with a degree of confidence that things may get better.

I am so pleased that it has given you some encouragement - it is a very tense time trying to negotiate with all the different layers of Nhs bureaucracy, and uncertainty is a big downer for me. I am drained by all the activity of the last few days, so have been slow to respond to all your kind replies.

I just feel I should reply to those of you kind enough to comment, so apologies if I've left anyone out, not intentional.

@tavvy: wish you the best of luck, please do not give up. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

@hypermad: I took in as much info as I could about Dr S to show my GP - she is well used to me discussing my latest web research! - and she generally tries to help. She volunteered to copy my test results to him, which she did. I put it to her that he was my last chance and she accepted that without demur.

She did openly admit that she knew that there were patients who she could not properly help any further, and that I was one of them. She also is content that I like my Ths level to be sub-zero, and has no problem with any alterations - so far - in treatment regime.

@glasgow hypo: I found my local group by going to the main Thyroid uk page, I think. Do let me know if you would like to meet up - I can always hop on the bus to Buchannon Street.

@Nobodysdriving: I still don't understand how a GP can not give us what we need. Are they frightened of the auditors? I think T3 does cost a bit - guessing about £40 - £50 a month - and now they have charge of their own budgets, maybe that has something to do with it?

And I have a suspicion that here in Edinburgh there will be no Endocrinologist with the guts to go against the bully-boys. Although, interestingly, I hear that the former head of Endocrinology here has changed his opinions since retiring. As someone else recently remarked, cynically, 'now he will be in private practice, of course - and on a big fat Nhs pension!' I couldn't possibly comment on that, naturally -!

I will be following orders to the letter, you can be sure.

Will post progress as and when.

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Just by putting this post on here you are helping people too, and that's what this site is all about - shared experiences, advice and information. Thank you very much for updating us.

Jane x x


I concur with what Jane said! Best of luck, HipHypo. :)

PJones x


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