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Thanks to Members

I would like to thank members for their previous comments to my posts and apologise to those i didnt acknowledge.

Unfortunately i have been somewhat tied up dealing with the continued actions of others. I said i believed the next action would be to try and force me out of my job which is precisely what appears to be happening.

I was ' ambushed' at work by a new employee, (former NHS ambulance call handler) alongside a fairly new senior (friends it appears). I do not work with her and i do not know her yet she has , in her short time there, made a ridiculous complaint against me which i defended and was then ambushed by the pair of them so that she could make derogatory personal attacks while the senior allowed this. Im fairly certain this was done so i would react in kind, which i didn't.

I also received a private message whereby i was 'advised' to remove my posts and informed that a former member had 'disappeared' and her name removed when posting her fight to expose what the NHS was doing to her. I was also asked, "have you thought of moving".

Anyone who has been involved in a fight with the NHS know that moving is not relevant as the issue is the lies on your .medical records which follow you wherever you move to. I also dont give in to cowardly bullies.

The situation my family is in with the NHS is becoming disturbingly more common and needs exposing, not hiding, so my posts will remain unless removed by others.

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My familys situation began because of untreated thyroid issues, thyroxine over medication (for quite some time), and resulted in the disgusting treatment dished out by the nhs.


they handled my complaint againt NHS and they were really good and free. Once they became involved the hospital started to behave very differently and i got an apology. It doesnt make me feel any better about it tbh but it is now on the endo's record and the department. I found out months after my complaint that there are loads of ongoing complaints against the department, they have been investigated so some drs are getting black marks on their record but obvs continue to work there. I also am paid by NHS to give talks to med students about my experience and i name names lol so hopefully new drs will listen better. When i was getting the run around over an MRI and not given the results after 4 months (should be 3 weeks) i mentioned i gave these talks and results were with me the next day!!!!

There is nothing we can do as whole system needs changing, i feel the more you go at them the more they will block you, get in touch with pohwer and let them advocate for you.


Thank you Binkie

I'm saddened to read such an unsupportive and critical riposte to your post as the first one, Rouby. And the admin on this site are quick to pick up on posts that are inappropriate, so why someone should launch an attack on you when you clearly feel unsupported is a bit beyond me, and not really their remit.

And as a point of fact, people can be in a situation where they are beleaguered by attack on all sides - evidenced by an unprovoked one like the first reply to you.

You are being bullied, Rouby, and it is sad that it appears that one of the several sources is on here.

The NHS is made up of people and people can and will often be nasty, cruel and petty. They can and will gang up on those they perceive as weak, or that they don't like or who cause them problems, or just because they themselves are inadequate.

Binkie's advice is excellent. Get support, it will be from pohwer or another advocacy agency in your area. You can't fight this alone.

I wish you all the very best.


Thank you schenks for yours (and Binkies ) support. There are a lot of people who are completely unaware of the turnaround in the NHS of treatment of patients who are persistant and perceived to be 'trouble causing' when they pursue the truth.

After reading many posts on here it is clear that many are being blocked and treated appallingly. I am happy to produce evidence if anyone does doubt me because i understand that to many, it is inconceivable that drs would deliberately cause harm, or that the police would refuse to act.

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