thanks for all your support - gave me more confidence!

Like many of you out there I was going through a very difficult time about 2 weeks ago; that's when I joined the forum and boy I'm glad I did. I had already booked an appt with my GP; I increased my med myself - increased it by 25 mcg - I'm prescribed alternate 100 and 125 mcg and decided I would take 125 daily. At the same time I read about taking the medication at night and I swapped. A week later I started to feel better and this morning saw the doctor and explained what I did and why - she was very understanding thought I self managed my condition very well and prescribed some Levo 25 mcg to top up. The aches and pains have diminished - ankle feels better and headaches gone; constipation better as well as less tired. Reading the blogs and comments from you all gave me the confidence to tell the doctor that I'm the expert and not them. I was ready to challenge her but didn't have to.

So a BIG THANK YOU to all out there.

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  • That's wonderful news! I'm so glad you are feeling better. It must be a relief to know that your GP is understanding too.

    Long may your improvements continue :)

    Carolyn x

  • Thank you Carolyn - I live in hope!

    Kind regards

  • Matrix l am so pleased for you. A big thank you to you too! Because of your support last week I was able to approach the specialist last Friday with more confidence. I asked questions and got answers. I found out I have hashimotos thyroiditis. My GP hadn't been able to tell me. I also asked about night time meds and he agreed, saying he believed it could be a better way to medicate and so far i have had positive results. Stay empowered!

  • Hi Maitrix,

    This is excellent news! Would you give me permission to use your story in a future project? Lyn x

  • Yay! We love good news :) Fingers crossed that everything keeps going in the right direction for you!

  • *like*


  • So pleased for you. Well done. gives us all hope

  • Really happy for you :D

  • Thanks for all your comments. Together we are stronger!

    Hooper - I'm so pleased things are looking up for you too.

    Take care

  • maitrix I love that "Together we are stronger!" so very true. Glad things are getting better for you.

  • Great news :) Thanks very much for letting us all know - it is so lovely to read these success stories :) xxxx

  • I was really interested reading your info, I am on 50mcg of levothyroxine and have always thought if I upped the dosage I might not feel so unwell, even after 4 years I am looking for answers, I mentioined to my GP about taking 75mcg and he said it might cause an over active thyroid or osteoporosis, I'm not convinced, we now our own bodies, at the moment I am struggling with my weight and I have never been more than a size 10 or 12 now I am in a 14 and am trying to exercise, after 3 weeks of it went down with a virus which I am just getting over, you also mentioned about taking medication at night...whats that all about, I am so glad I found this website, would be interested in your comments....

  • Hi - Just joined this forum and noticed some of you take your levothyroxine at night -please can somebody let me know what is the thinking behind this - I'm really interested - thanks

  • There's a few threads on this:

    Also a Poll with some very interesting comments:



  • Hiya I read somewhere on the website about a small study regarding taking med at night and it worked for those people - can't remember exact benefits (blame my foggy brain!!) and thought I give this a try about 3 weeks ago - I'm okay at the moment - can't say I've found real benefits as yet but will continue with night time for a while and will report back.

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