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Why am I waking up in the night so hungry?

After another very restless night of waking up with painful hunger pangs, I'd like to know whether anybody else suffers from this?

I didn't get this before, but it's becoming usual now.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer yesterday, and am getting thyroidy symptoms, but no drugs as yet to balance things as next step will be another op then RAI. The insomnia is bad enough without the additional hunger!

I am also finding periods in the day where I suddenly feel famished.

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Hi Nickym1,

I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, such a worry for you, hugs. X

I have terrible insomnia 3am is my normal bedtime, and I get up at 8am. I HAVE to have a bowl of cereal before I eventually go to bed. I have awful night time hunger. If I don't have the cereal I sweat, feel sick and could eat the legs off the bed. It keeps me awake for hours. Not sure why it happens, sorry no help at all, lol!


You sound exactly the same as me! Sweating and feeling sick, oh dear.....

I'll have a go at the porridge I think.

Thanks for sharing,

Nicky x


No probs Nicky! Good luck with everything. X


Cortisone maintains blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar levels drop in the night then you get a surge of adrenaline which wakes you up and tells you to eat something.

You could try eating a low GI food before you go to bed so that it will release slowly whilst you are asleep, or I used to take cortisone before I went to sleep.

If this is happening on a regular basis, then well worth getting a saliva test done privately to see how the adrenals are faring.

G xx


Thanks for the info. I'm sure you're right about the blood sugar dropping, and adrenaline causing problems. My doctor explained this to me this morning too.

It's just so frustrating.

I don't know the first thing about adrenals - I only just found out where my thyroid is!

I will get on top of this though, many thanks,

Nicky x


i agree with above. try some nuts before bed for something no carbs...simple carbs anyway. One needs to get through the night with hinderance :0)



Hi Si,

A good nights sleep isn't much to ask for, is it?!?

I have nuts here, so will certainly try this out too.

Many thanks,



Hi again, I make a bowl of gluten free porridge, it's the only thing that does the trick. I've tried a banana but it's simply not enough. I could go all day without eating, but in the night I'm famished. It's been happening for years. Maybe it would be a good idea to get this test. Thanks for the advice. X


Thank you for all this information, there is so much to learn.

I wake up at 3.00 - 3.30am every day! That's when I take my Levothyroxine. I get up at around 9.00am an NEED an afternoon sleep which can last 2 hours. I'm always tired.

Having a beautiful first grandchild, I feel redundant as he is too much for me, I feel such a let down. :(


No Nicki , in fact it's very important! To recovery and well being.

Have you considered a grounding sheet to help with sleeping? I got one and now swear by them! I told my sister about them too and she's a major convert! I can certainly say the quality of my sleep is the best it has ever been! Obviously not every night (if i slip up and have anything with sugar in before bed) but mostly nowadays I'm a 7 to 8 hour a night man.

Get to bed early and get that light out no later than 10.30!

Have you had the adrenal stress test done? Are your adrenals tanking.



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I have recently started exsperiencing this myself. I wake up in the morning and feel sick with hunger. sometimes i actually vomit. i have asked my dr and seems to be ok?? i dont like it one bit!!


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