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T3 heart problems

Does anyone have any advice on taking T3 and whether it is better or worse for your heart?

I have seen both sides on here and now I'm nervous about starting it.

I am on T4 but still don't feel great so want to try it. But am awaiting referral to cardiologist to check palpitations are not related to anything else.

I am in Greece and have bought some T3 but don't know how much I will need.

Any help advice appreciated

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I think generally cardiology favours T3 values which are optimal. Or that's what I have read from research in cardiovascular issues. I have just recovered from myocarditis and not once has any of the many cardiologists that I have seen ever said anything about my NDT even when I raised the fact it contains T3.

Maybe get your bloods done to see your FT3 and FT4 values before proceeding slowly with T3. Palpitations can come from non-thyroid issues as well so your cardiologist needs to check everything.



There was a similar post I responded to earlier.

You will like Greek T3 - it is very gentle. I take T3 only now after constant palps whilst on levo plus more symptoms than before being diagnosed. I had a lot of heart checks. I don't know what dose of levo you are on but, in general, if you want you can just switch from one to another or add some T3 to a reduced T4.

25mcg of T3 is equal approx to 75mcg of levo. 20mcg is equal to around 60mcg but would be 50mcg in the UK due to the measurement of our tablets.

The up-to-date advice is 1 T3 to 3 T4, i.e. 25mcg T3 with 75mcg of T4 but you can reduce these amounts to suit you.

T3 calmed my whole system down and I am sure you will benefit.

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I don't know what my T3 level is as the doc never checks it. I am on 150 Levo but he wants to cut it to 125 saying I'm over medicated and that what's causing palps.

I just don't feel 125 is enough and wondered if I should try T3


I think that even if GP requests Free T3 the labs might not do it if our TSH is 'in range'. If you can afford it you can get a private test and a discount if you quote Thyroiduk.

If you don't feel overstimulated your GP is wrong to reduce your dose and the fact you don't feel that 125 is good enough for you, so tell your GP you feel awful and could he reduce your levo to 100mcg and add 20mcg of T3 on a trial basis for 3 months.

If he is reluctant email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse article (he was President of the BTA) and in question 6 he states where our TSH can be and the addition of T3 (although due to new research the addition should be 20mcg T3 not 10).


I was seeing a cardiologist for what was diagnosed as "atypical chest pain". I had the pain all day, every day, for a couple of years, but never got any help from the doctors. I felt the diagnosis was a "dustbin diagnosis", like CFS or IBS. I was also on beta blockers for sinus tachycardia (very fast heart rate for which no explanation could be found).

I mentioned T3 to the cardiologist who said "We don't recommend T3." When I asked why she said "It's bad for the heart."

I have since discovered that "Low T3 Syndrome" is a known problem in lots of people who are admitted to hospitals with heart attacks.

I take T3 only now (self-medicating). My chest pain and my sinus tachycardia are a thing of the past, and I no longer take beta blockers (apart from half a pill once in a blue moon).

I would definitely recommend having a FT3 test before starting to take T3 though.

I found out the cause of my heart problems was actually low iron (which I also treated myself).

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Thanks for that human bean it's a minefield isnt it? I will def get my T3 checked first, pay for it if I have to.


Tjmet, Find a walk in clinic in Greece and have a thyroid panel, ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Probably cheaper than hometests in the UK.


Yes, the blood tests are cheaper in Greece.


Make sure its a Free T3 and you will read the reason why on this link.

You can get pin-prick blood tests from Blue Horizon and if you mention you will get a discount.

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I have read somewhere that T3 is good for the heart and that heart specialists can prescribe it.


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