Feeling unwell after gen anaesthetic -NHS gave me drugs contraindicated with hypoT

Hi all

Since a GA last week, i was dismayed that all my awful symptoms i had before i started ndt, had come back: vertigo, brain fog, tinnitus, fatigue.

Despite me briefing them on my conditions at pre op assessment, i knew something was up. I got a list of what they gave me and my initial research (too tired to do much) shows that at least 2 of these are contra indicated with hypoT. So be warned


Fentanyl (contra indicated)

Propofol (pre med – should be avoided with hypo t)

Augmentin – antibiotic

Ondansedron – anti sicknesss, known to cause post procedural hypoT


If anyone knows more, please share

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  • Thank you for that. I will discuss this with anaesthetist before next op. I really hope you feel better soon as post op side effects can feel worse than the op itself. x

  • Dont know anything about those meds you listed, but there is always the possibility that if you hadn't been given them you could infact be feeling a lot worse, especially the anti-sickness ones, last thing you want is to be throwing up post op.

    Hope you pick up again very quickly though, best wishes xx

  • Hi unfortunately this problems is common with many drugs, it is just a question of what is the most important. i have this problem with a lot of my drugs as they are often strongly contraindicated with my various conditions. I just have to have them and treat the consequences. I am sure your thyroid will recover in time However,any new drug should always be fully discussed with you..I hope you soon feel better.


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