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First endo appt tomorrow - any ideas

I have a list of symptoms that I faxed to them in advance including blood results and I even have a sample of hair to show how much does come out when I wash it. All symptoms point towards Hypo despite TSH within range - 2.7, but no 3's and 4's were done by the GP.

Any ideas about good questions etc to ask. I am quite an assertive person anyway.



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I wish you luck!! I went to an endo privately last month in London with TSH levels of 3.7 and Ft4 at 9.6 etc. He wrote to my doc saying that in his opinion I was euthyroid. Well I'm not happy with that so I've booked a consultation with Dr Peatfield. I really hope your endo is up to speed.....just don't give up if you're having hypo symptoms.

tell us how you get on.



Hi Stacey, good luck for tomorrow, I hope you get on well. Stick to your guns - I appreciate you say you are an assertive person but also appreciate that this is sometimes difficult when you feel so awful and don't have the energy to fight. I would advise that you take someone with you if you can - I have always tried to cope with everything on my own but now realise that it is better to take someone as you can't always remember everything yourself. Also it was quite handy for my husband to argue for me when they tried to erroneously diagnose me with depression. My bloods were normal despite being very ill, you can have Wilson's syndrome whereby you have normal amounts of T4 in the bloodstream but your body is unable to use it as it can't convert it to the useable form - T3. Or you may normally be at the lower end of the spectrum anyway and so 2.7 is actually very high for you - that is the trouble with these ranges, you never know what you were normally. If they are reluctant to give you medication ask what harm a trial could do to see if it alleviates your symptoms. Do let us know how you get on and if no joy go to see Dr Skinner in Birmingham.


Thanks I am taking a friend with me for support as my partner couldn't get the day off. I will ask for the ft3 and ft4 tests first and then failing that will get them done privately and will post results here for some feedback before I present them to my GP or endo. I will be asking the endo to have a good examination of my neck aswell.

I will post again tomorrow after my appt.



Stacey, how did you get on? hope all was ok


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