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Hot flashes

Has anyone found anything that helps with these flashes as I am at my wits end with them , I have tried HRT 4 different types and no difference still I have them , tried magnet from Boots , crystals yes crystals , well I will try most thing once , have got some herbal tablets now to try but I have read somewhere that Armour helps , has anyone found this is so ? please someone must know something that can help !!!

Thanks Jan x

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Even if desiccated thyroid has helped someone else with hot flushes, obviously it doesn't necessarily mean it will be the answer for you. The only sure way of knowing is to try it!

Thyroid hormone imbalance could be causing an imbalance in your other hormone levels, so if you still have symptoms of hypothyroidism that are not being relieved by your current medication, then it is certainly worth pursuing this with your doctor. You may need a referral to a sympathetic endo to get desiccated thyroid prescribed of course.


Serenity cream (progesterone) worked for me. it's £19 approx for 3 months worth.

Easily bought on the net...... do a google search.



Hi Nanniejan,

My girlfriend, in desperation, went to see an Iridologist who diagnosed low Adrenals (same old story - told she's normal by GP) and prescribed a Herbal concoction. So far, this has had the effect of stopping her hot flashes and she nolonger feels cold all the time.

It could be coincidental and that she is coming out of the menopause (7 years of them now), but she's convinced that it's the Herbal thing, so maybe yours will work, too !

Good luck !


I wouldent mind if I had a couple a day but I have them all the time , they are doing me in I just don't think I could have them for 7 years , last night I got to sleep about 5 am GRRRRRRRRR !!


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