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Levothyroxine and red clover interaction?

Has anyone had a negative reaction from taking the oestrogen supplement red clover for menopausal symptoms while taking Levo? I found that the two didn't mix well also read a few articles re them being not a good combo. I'm now awaiting a natural serotonin supplement to offset the menopausal probs of low energy/flatness/anxiety etc. Would appreciate any input from fellow sufferers! I'm 56, hypothyroid for 1 year on 50mcg levo reduced from 75mcg.

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I took one dose of Red Clover a few weeks ago and lost my voice for a few hours it felt very weird. It must have been the Red Clover as ive been on thyroxine for thirty years and have never experienced that sort of reaction before. It went in the bin. I am on 100mcgs of thyroxine a day,


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