QAOF Funding points that your GP gets from the PCT for 'managing' thyroid disease

Hi all

It is my view that it is unethical for NHS GPs to claim the QAOF funding point from the PCT in cases where they don't actually manage a patient's disease. The funding point is for doing your blood test and prescribing your meds. I pay for my own NDT and blood tests. I intend raising this with the PCT.

The way i see it, it's a nice little earner for them when people like me go off and fund their own meds. What are your views?

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  • Most definitely unethical and they don't really manage our diseases as much as cover them up with other pills. Most annoying when GP claiming for diabetes checks when people are already seeing a so-called specialist.

  • Well i intend being a thorn in the side of my gp who has just refused me NDT on NHS prescription. I'll be asking the PCT not to award them the funding point

  • Bluedaff, where do you get the information (the 'exact' information) of how these 'points' or payments are made from the PCT to the GP??

    I know how it works for pregnant women but I do not know for others.

    for pregnancy they do get awarded a 'standard' amount of money per pregnant woman who is registered at their practice and that is a set amount for the whole pregnancy.

    BUT pregnancy is a 'temporary state' (ie does end eventually :D )

    don't know how they get paid for ongoing conditions, I would assume they do not get paid 'just because' you have a chronic ongoing condition but rather for visits/bloods etc and surely these have to be 'logged', so if you don't visit or do not have a blood test then there isn't a log then there isn't a payment right?

    can you explain what info you received, it would be nice that's all :)

  • NBD this link was posted a while back... OK NOT the exact info but interesting...

    there's another funding PDF too, saying 1 point Thyroid, 12 points depression - sorry I can't seem to find the link at the mo. J :D

  • previous post with both links

  • thanks spareribs will have a look when I feel better x

  • Sorry you're not feeling well NBD, hope it's something temporary xxx

  • I like this thread :)

    I hate my docs and will take great delight in doing the same, if I find they are claiming for managing my condition!

  • Fedupsusie, you are my kind of gal. They rely on us being thick and unquestioning, but i for one was cured of White Coat Syndrome years ago. I got the information about the points from a Senior Prescribing Advisor of the Medicines Management Team for Lambeth PCT.

    I love the way they have left me to get myself well; i was so ill on synthetic t4 i feared i would lose my job and home. Yet they will only prescribe t4, thus would happily stand by and watch me lose everything. No one wants to know about how well I am on NDT.

    QAOF is Quality and Outcomes Framework. She said the info is publicly available online. There is no logic behind which diseases get points. I asked about P Anaemia and she said it's worth no points - this explains why GPs ration us to 1 shot every 12 weeks when the dose is 1 x every 4 weeks.

    She said the list of diseases is online somewhere. HypoT is worth a measly 1 point (about £100 odd i think), while hypertension is i think worth loads of points. Over 10 points i think.

  • Hi bluedaffodil - I'm so glad you are feeling better on NDT - just being nosey and wondering what dose you are on now? I think I remember you being on 2 grains and feeling better - is that still the case? I have recently increased to 2.25 grains and am feeling soo much better too :)

    I am very lucky though as my GP is prescribing my NDT - he is one of the good guys, although he had never heard of it before and I have had to "educate" him - he says I know way more about it than him - which is probably true :D

    Hope you find the right doctor soon. xx

  • The 12 points for depression explains why they are always trying to shove anti depressants down our throats

  • Along with the hypertensive drugs, Bluedoffodil!

  • Yes, this all about profit. It is a business, no more. Me and my GP have different priorities: i want to be well, they want to make a profit. I hope everyone who is as outraged as I am will consider writing to their PCT or MP.

  • Oh thank you so much! Now this is something I can use tio help with my complaint to the PCT over my recent issue with my ignorant GP. I wonder how much they get for treating obesity via diet pills and other symptoms of thyroid disorders vs just tackling the beast itself.

    This really could go a long way into explaining why my endo is so overly keen and pushy on diagnosing me as diabetic rather than just dealing with my hypothyroidism/hashi's properly.

  • Yes Karmine, once you know how the system works, alot becomes clear.

  • How do you know what your doc. is claiming for? Does the points money fund the tests or give the docs a bonus?

    How does the whole thing work? Are the docs. salaried individually? Does the practice pay the hosp for tests etc. Does PCT give each practice money for overheads etc.,

    Does anyone know what will happen in April when I believe PCT's end.

  • I only just found out about this today and I am appalled. I have the standard blood test (tsh, t4) every 6 months, which is useless to me and when the results come in the GP rings me and says they're either high/low and I say I'll speak to the endo. He says okay and puts the phone down. I have never (apart from the couple of years I was discharged back to the GP by the endo) been treated by the GP save for the repeat prescriptions he does every month. In 17 years he has never completed a clinical assessment. I would get onto the PCT about this but what happens now, because the PCT ceases to exist as from this month doesn't it?

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