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Has anyone experienced a creacking neck

hi have had thyroid problems for 3 years now on levo 50mg one day then 100mg the next just been increased a month ago was on 25mg a day anyway my neck seems to be creacking when i move but not sure if its the ringing in my ears thats making it sound worse.i know it sounds wierd but should i be worried abt it or is it normal.

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I get this too, sometimes it will crack, it's horrible, I wonder what it is?

I also get stiff/achy shoulders and neck. Look forward to the answers.


I had this problem along with cracking of other joints. I got a private test for my Vit D which showed I was very severely deficient . I took the results of my test to my gp who gave me a high dose prescription for pro D3.

Ask your Gp for a vit d test. If he refuses you can get one done privately at it costs £25.

After 2 months all my pain and cracking went and I felt much better.


hi thanks for your information got to make an appointment in the newyear about my blood results.Just hope she will listen to me as GP dont seem to understand they think you are making it all up.


I put my creaky neck down to onset of arthritis, but I do have a problem when I look upwards sometimes, I go almost deaf. Anyone else have this? I am about to have my initial GP visit to discuss my symptoms.


i dont think its arthritis neck not painful its stiff sometimes its just the noise when i turn head from side to side sounds like its coming from the back of my neck but who knows you maybe right.


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