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Hypothyroid and PCOS! Need help understanding :)

Hi, i'm hypothyroid and went for an ultrasound scan a couple of weeks ago to see if there was any other underlying reasons for my absence of periods. They think i've got PCOS but waiting for a blood test result to confirm. Can anybody give me some insight into what PCOS really is and how its treated?

Thanks :) x

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I haven't the link but it has been reported that a young japanese woman with multiple PCOS which disappeared with thyroid hormone therapy. I believe it was a research paper.

What are the results of your latest thyroid blood test results complete with ranges and someone will comment. Maybe you are not on enough meds and what is your dose of levo?


Your ovaries are polycystic ie producing cysts instead of or as well as eggs. Hormone wise you are problably producing testerone in larger than normal levels, may be producing progesterone (pregnancy hormone) and probably have very low levels of eostrogen which is why periods have stopped. Its autoimmune...your body decides to attack the ovaries and they fight back producing abnormal hormones which causes them to make cysts.

There are several treatments that try and alter the hormones back to normal but each have their own side affects which should be taken seriously so take time to decide. In itself PCOS wont hurt you and can be lived with for life (well menopause anyway when it stops) but the symptoms can be extremely painful, debilitating and exhausting.

The only permanent cure is removing ovaries but that leaves you with HRT for life which causes its own problems, personally I kept one ovary and live with the condition managing it with painkillers as I cant take HRT. Im assuming they are checking your FSH levels by blood, dont take a normal result as gospel as its only a snapshot of that day and mine never showed for years on bloods but always on scans.

Did they mention chocolate cysts or endometriosis showing? that may need an internal ultrasound but its something to check as well as its not unusual to have both conditions.

If you want to chat drop me a line or use me as a shoulder, Im only a laymen but I've got 25 years experience living with it.

Best Wishes & Happy New Year :)


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