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Pcos and losing weight with hypo

Diagnosed with PCOS today. So fed up feels like one thing after another. I know they're going to tell me to lose weight. But if I could do that I would have done it! :(

Gluten free day 81 but no change. Going to add back in after 90 days and see if I notice.

Thyroid levels good.

Vits OK. B12 Injection due next week.

Weight no change. So frustrating and I know how it's going to make me feel when they tell me to lose weight to make my PCOS better :(

Any tips on dealing with both and losing weight? :(

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There is a strong relation between PCOS and hypothyroidism. There was a post or 2 about that recently.

Looking at your recent results there is a field for a small dose increase which could potentially help.

In general women with PCOS tend to have or develope an insulin resistance. Doctors don't tend to check for it. They usually check fasting blood glucose level which once above the norm indicates prediabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. At that time you're past insulin resistance moment. You could ask for that test to be performed.

The suggestion I could give you at the moment would be to eliminate sugar from your diet completely (if possible) and eat mostly foods from a low glycemic map. That doesn't mean reducing calories! Other people will probably add more to that.

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I wrote about weight-loss earlier today :


When you say that thyroid levels are 'good', in whose opinion? Because 'good' is just an opinion, not fact. Care to post them? :)


Thanks I'll have a read of that :) was just wondering if it was any different with having both as I've seen high fat low carbs recommended for pcos but then also diabetic diet and aip and just feels like I can't eat anything :( I've been doing gluten free nearly 3 months and all its done is made eating out and finding food to eat whilst at work difficult :(

Tsh 0.29 (0.27-4.2)

Free T4 19 (12-22)

Free T3 5.41 (3.1-6.8)

Tgoab 245 (0-115)

Tpoab 22.5 (0-34)

B12 256 (25-165)

Folate 11.22 (2.91-50)

Vit d 79.5 (50-200)

Ferritin 73.4 (13-150)

Thanks x


Not too low carbs, because you need carbs for good conversion.

You're FT3 could be higher. Your vit D is too low. It should be up around 100. Or even higher. Ferritin should be around 100, too.


Can't win haha how much carbs should I be having to keep both my hypo and pcos happy?

I'm quite rubbish at taking vit d and folate to be honest which is why they were low. I think it would be higher now I've got in a bit of a better routine.

My iron was high last time it was tested so i'm reluctant to try and raise ferritin.

My gp wouldnt let me raise levo anymore and I think they'd freak out if my tsh went below range so I don't think i can raise my t3 anymore.

They're the kind that tell my dad he can't raise by another 12.5mcg when his tsh is 2.6 and still symptomatic. So the pharmacy are currently splitting 14 25mcg a month for him...

Thanks X


Yes, but you have Hashi's - bet your dad does, too! - and when you have Hashi's, you need your TSH suppressed. There's nothing wrong with a suppressed TSH. And your doctor is there to guide you, not to dictate to you. Your treatment should be your informed decision. Don't let him/her walk all over you. They don't have to live with the consequences.

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Thank you. If only it was that simple! Maybe we wouldnt have to fight the nhs for t3.

How long can it take once your levels are good for all your symptoms to resolve? Is it usually quite quick?

I'm still struggling with really dry skin also x


You should ask that question the other way round. How soon do your levels look good once your symptoms are resolved.

Your symptoms are only going to be resolved when you're on the right dose, whatever that dose might be, and wherever that leaves the levels. There is not a fixed point within the range where you can say 'when you reach that point, you are going to feel better'.

Fighting the NHS for T3 has more to do with money, that anything else. Nothing to do with actual medicine.

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Thanks. I've just read that NDT is better in people with hashi's and PCOS. But reluctant to change when I feel like I'm so close x


So close to what? So close to feeling well? Or so close to getting your FT3 to the top of the range in the hope that you will feel well when it gets there?

Unless you get an increase in levo, your FT3 is not going to get any higher, and you're not going to feel any better.

I don't know anything about PCOS - except that there is a link to thyroid - but Hashi's people are the least likely to feel well on NDT, because it can trigger immune attacks. Not in everybody, of course, but I certainly wouldn't say that NDT is better for people with Hashi's. That statement just isn't true.

So, does that mean that you are considering self-treating? Because your doctor doesn't sound like the type to know anything about it/support a patient who is taking it - and certainly not to prescribe it. Not that I'm against self-treating, on the contrary, but you do realise that NDT would almost certainly suppress your TSH. Then what would your doctor say? :)


Yes I'd have to go it alone if I want to increase or change meds. There's no way they'd let me increase t4 or add in t3 and would freak out if I was suppressed.

I feel so close to being me again. I can get through a day without a nap now which I just couldnt have even imagined before.

I just feel like i need a little bit of something to help me do more than just get through a day. Then to help the dry skin and shift the weight.

I think I'll have to accrpt I'm not going to get my periods regular again now I know I have PCOS unfortunately :(

Thanks again.x


My levels were last checked 12th Sept and that's the first time they've been within range. When do you think I should retest now? X


If you got an increase after that test, then six weeks. If not, then see if you can get a retest in three months. :)


Hi, can't help a great deal but from experience of both I've tried to limit carbs to 25g per meal (which really isn't much, think beans or toast rather than beans on toast!) and tried to eat 6 meals per day to keep blood sugars stable. Try to cut out refined carbs (sugar,cake etc) and I also try to limit fruit and cruciferous veg (broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower,turnip, kale & bok choi).

Think someone already mentioned low gi foods too.

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Has that helped you keep the weight off? I love fruit that will be the hardest. I'm hoping I can add gluten back in without an issue. Will make it much easier to be able to have a piece of toast or something. Thanks x


Yes it has although I'm not as strict as I used to be having 6 meals a day. Was do-able when I was on maternity leave but now in back to work it's more like 3 meals and 2 snacks. I personally find if I eat a load of fruit I can easily put weight back on. I love fruit too. In reality though it's more that you need to consume less calories than you eat and I used to think eating loads of fruit was eating healthy and I was doing a good thing by doing so but I now know that they still contain calories so if I pig my face I'll gain weight. I used to track on an app all the food I consumed and that really helped me stay focused and helped me shift my excess weight.

I've thought a lot about going gluten free but never done so yet.

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Yea I used to do that too with myfitnesspal but just found I stayed the same then put more on when I stopped using it. I think I might ditch gluten free and try again with the app now my levels are better. I wasn't sure if there was a specific diet for pcos but it seems everyone's different x


Yeah that's what I used too. I did find limiting carbs & fruit helped me though and once I started using it and inputting food I was shocked at what foods contained carbs that I never would have thought!

I think there are a lot of specific diets out there but the basic principle of losing weight is being in a calorie deficit.

Good luck, I'm sure you can do it, especially when you've had the discipline to go gluten free :)

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