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Length of time between hypo and hyper phases

I've hashimotos, and I'm trying to work out if I'm generally feeling better (as a result of going gluten free and upping my Vit D and B12), or if I'm in a hyper state. (I'm not on any thyroid tablets - Drs wont prescribe)

At the moment, the hyper phases seems to have lasted nearly 2 weeks.

How long do other people find they are last between phases? is it usually days, weeks, months?

It has truly been amazing, I've only needed 8 hours sleep instead of 16 - I have been able to cook christmas dinner (I love this) as well as enjoy Christmas with my family.

But - I'm a bit scared - for the first time in over a year, I think I could start making plans, but then think it could just be a hyper phase.

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Why do you think you are in a hyper state? What sort of symptoms make you feel you are?

When I'm hyper I feel dreadful, heart pounding away and feeling really frightened.

If you feel good, and you are doing all the right things, believe me you are not hyper


I have some energy is the plus side, but I get terrible nights sweats, agitated and fidgety , my heart rate goes up to 90 (hypo I'm about 40, but normal has always been about 55). So while my heart is racing for me, it's not really racing for me to be concerned. I get shaky legs, and disturbed sleep. I can live with this, I don't feel 'normal' but it's a far better state than when I'm hypo.

If this is me now normal - then thats fine, but just concerned that at some point I'm going to flip the other way.


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