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Hyper now feeling Hypo

Hi all, I was diagnosed as having an overactive thyroid approx 4 weeks ago and have been prescribed 20mg Carb p/day as well as beta blockers. I had all the usual symptoms of hyper and bloodwork showed undetectable TSH and elevated T4 (I think) at 39.1.

Last week I felt totally normal and really thought it was sorting itself out. I gradually started to lose the intolerance to heat which eventually stopped at my being absolutely freezing to the point where it is really bothersome, like heat being really bothersome in hyper. I am also achey and have sore ribs near the bottom middle. Feeling absolutely fatigued today which is a far cry from the hyperactivity I was experiencing.

I had AntiTPO test results recently which showed positive. I phoned back to ask for a number and she gave me 483.8?

I'm loathed to take my carb tonight and tomorrow before I see my GP.

I am also 7 months postpartum.

Could anyone make sense of this for me?

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Chloececilia, you should be having a blood test 4 weeks after starting Carbimazole to monitor levels. Carbimazole can work very quickly and it sounds as if your dose may need to be reduced. Carbimazole also has a short half life which is why you need to take several doses a day. Rather than skip your dose tonight can you halve the tablet until you can discuss it with your GP tomorrow.


Thanks Clutter! I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening, so I could just take one this evening.

What do you think about the antibody results?


Anti-TPO antibodies are most often associated with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and would usually result in a period of hyperthyroidism at the start followed naturally by a longer period of hypothyroidism. It may be that your thyroid activity has reduced as part of this process, in which case you would probably no longer need the Carbimazole.

Have you had any test for TRabs (Thyrotropin Receptor Antibodies)? These are the ones more associated with Graves' although you could have both. TRabs tend to make you overactive for a longer time so you have to take Carbimazole long-term.

However, the fact that you are 7 months postpartum would suggest Postpartum Thyroiditis which follows a pattern similar to Hashis - that is, a period of hyper followed by a longer period of hypo. Sometimes it goes into remission after a time but will re-activate if you have another baby.

It would be worth asking these questions to get a better idea of what to expect for the future.

Marie XX


Thanks so much Marie, that was really helpful xxx


Got more bloods taken at GP today to see what my thyroid levels are doing.

The range for the antibodies was <6 ! As you can see mine is up in the high 400's. Oh dear. Endo on Monday.

Thanks all so much.



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