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Urgent recommendation needed please for hypo allergenic post surgery pain relief (coeliac with hypochlorydia)

Before you even say it, no the NHS is not on the case. They have only said they will give intraveinous pain relief while i am there, but i will be discharged on the day and dont know what i wall take after?

The surgery is known to be painful. I get nausea and diarrhoea from paracetamol, codeine, etc. Where can i get something suitable over the counter before next week pls?

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Hi Bluedaff, I don't have a clue about pain medication that would be suitable, but just want to wish you all the best for the surgery.


The hospital should give u meds and advice b4 you leave. All the best for next week


They should but they were useless at pre assessment. Nurse didnt even know what Hashimoto's was, or neutropaenia. She couldn't even spell either.

Frankly she wasn't qualified to be telling me whether i was safe for surgery with my diseases. Went back to see some one more qualified. In typical NHS style they said they could give me intraveinous pain relief while at hospital, but not a word about what i would do once i got home. As usual, i will have to fork out to see a private GP before NHS surgery to get the meds and info i need.


PS. She didn't know what NDT was either - neither did the anaesthetist!


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