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Pregnant and feel great!

It was confirmed today I am 8 weeks pregnant. I'm so excited I had to spread the news! After years of problems and the past 14 months feeling like rubbish and not being able to function properly, I feel the best I have in a long time. I'm so lucky to have such a nice and understanding gp who has allowed me to have my levels checked early to save me worrying as I know the risks with having an underactive thyroid.

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How lovely congratulations to you I remember the feeling when I saw the pink line :-)

And fantastic that you are feeling great lovely smiley news xx


Congratulations, congratulations. I know that feeling well. It is really amazing!! It took me 2 years of trying to be finally diagnosed, but that little pill of levothyroxine just did it for me!!

There are a couple of things I would have liked to have known more about at the time. You do need more thyroxine during pregnancy, and during the early stages too. I was refused this by my GP, but I split my pills to take an extra 25 mcg, and my endo later confirmed I'd done the right thing. Also, I found out after my 2 massive babies (both over 10lbs, and I'm pretty slim) that if you don't make enough thyroxine, the baby starts to make it for you and that this increases the size of the baby. I don't think this is really a problem for either of you, but large babies and natural births can cause problems for the mother afterwards 'down below'. If I had my time again and I'd known all this and been confirmed as large babies by scans, I may well have considered an elective section... (and I was a real "home birth in a pool with no pain relief" madwoman).

I also felt FANTASTIC in the last couple of months when everyone else felt like a breathless, uncomfortable lump. I put that down to not being hypo for a short time!!

Anyway, best of luck with it all. You should be under 'consultant care' as you have an underactive thyroid, but don't expect them to know any of what I have just written. Try and make sure you are checked out for that dose increase too.



Hiya cgirl, congratulations! How lovely for you! and you feel great too. let us know how things go xxx


Its sooooo lovely when people post their good news on here, it gives all of us a real boost.

Congratulations and, although I know you will be very busy from now on, how about blogging say once a month to let us all know how you are getting on and what your thyroid/pregnancy experience is like. I know there are quite a few on here that are trying for babies and your story would be of great interest, not only to them, but to all of us.

Send our congrats to daddy as well.

Moggie x


Do make sure that your TSH levels remain below 2. Wonderful news. Congratulations!


Thank you for all your replies and advice. It's hard not telling people when all I want to do is shout it out! Have my blood test tomorrow and will definaltly be keeping track of my levels. Blogging is a great idea Moggie. I have a twin sister. I told her she was pregnant with her children as I went through the pregnancy with her, sickness and labour. Weirdest experience of my life. It's payback time!


It nice to hear someone w hypoth feeling better when pregnant but for me its a different story.I am 9wks now and have great worries about my body's ability to carry/birth safely.I have v high anti-bodies but normal thyroid tsh and T4 levels.my gp also gave me thyroud test early on and said will cont to monitor thyroid.(even though i am not on meds).I wish i had the money to go to private thyroid doc such as Dr.S.;i really dont know if i am being foolish to carry on w this preg cos i am suffering from the thyroid symptoms and my tummy feels v uncomfortable/not right half the time.(at about 5wks i was worse;had a terrible time w severe heart palps and little bit of bleeding an d ache /fatigue tummy;but baby scan was ok).I know that somehow i need to get med for the thyroid to see if i can improve.Sounds like u r well cos of the meds(do u have high thyroid anti-bodies too;gives me a lil hope to hear u doing so well.Best wishes.


It may be worthwhile speaking to your GP about the effects of thyroid antibodies on your pregnancy.

There is evidence that thyroid antibodies can influence important pregnancy outcomes. The British Thyroid Foundation are carrying out a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial looking at the role of thyroid antibodies in miscarriage, click on this link for info;


They are investigating to see whether Levothyroxine reduces the risk of miscarriage in women who have thyroid antibodies even though their thyroid hormones are in the normal range.

If you click this link you can visit the Birmingham University, Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit to see the info there. They are carrying out the trial. It does say that a systematic review of literature has found that thyroid antibodies are associated with miscarriage and pre-term births.


Perhaps print out some of this info, your GP cannot ignore your concerns, these are reputable websites so he/she cannot dismiss the literature.

Hope that this helps you - Maddie


Oh Congratulations, congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Your news will brighten my whole day! Good wellness to you and your bump! xxxxx and some for baby tooo! xxxxx What a lovely Christmas present!


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