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Low potassium and pregnant

Ok so last Friday I had bloods done my doc rang to say my potassium is low 3.2 and said eat some bananas and we would need another test in six weeks what I failed to mention to doc was I'm still breastfeeding my 1 year old and no longer tolerate dairy due to having to stop for breastfeeding. I'm really concerned and confused as I've read online it can effect heart and kidneys.

Advice anyone thank you

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I don't see the connection between eating bananas, breastfeeding and dairy intolerance. You don't need to eat dairy to raise your potassium. Bananas contain lots of potassium, so why not eat some?


I do eat bananas already and spinach and avocado when I get them. I don't know the full details but there is a link to calcium levels and potassium levels in the blood I was hoping someone who has low potassium may offer some advice x

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Ah, ok. Have you had your calcium levels tested? Just because you don't eat dairy, doesn't mean that your calcium is going to be low. And, even if it is low, that wouldn't be the cause of your low potassium. Do you take B12 supplements?


My mother was low in Potassium because she was on diuretics.

The thing is, your GP phoned, unexpectedly and you didn't have a chance to think about anything to say.

I would call him back and explain that you do eat a banana each day . Just in case he wants to presribe potassium tablets or investigate further.

Have you ever had your Vitamin D levels tested?


Eat Bananas - best way to get Potassium.

Not sure I understand what you mean about not tolerating dairy and the connection?

You could Google foods containing potassium but I eat a banana every morning. And believe that everyone should. The earlier in the day the better.

Please don't fret about low potassium, you can correct that simply enough.

If you really can't eat Bananas then I would pop back to GP. xx


You might find this blog post from Dr Malcolm Kendrick to be of interest :


Do you eat figs nettiboo? For good Calcium intake?

I asked about Vit D testing because it's essential for the absorption of Calcium, I believe.

Do you know the reference normal range of potassium on your result. I believe it's usually around 3.5 to 5 . Maybe the lower end has been raised a little, not sure.


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