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How can I know which symptoms are down to my Hashimotos,which is down to being peri-menepausal and which are something I just have to live with?

I am a 46 yr old lady.I have Hashimoto's,am told by a GP I am peri-menepausal.I take 75 mcg of Levothyroxine but am living with many symptoms which reduce my quality of life.Having had blood tests which are supposedly "normal",I don't know where to go for help.

I feel the only steps I can take,are to find out more about Hashimoto's and persist in making myself a nuisance at my GP's surgery.

If anyone can suggest an action with a bit more direction,I would be grateful.I don't want to be a nuisance but I am determined not to live the rest of my life with these symptoms.

Thanks,Paula x

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Two suggestions:

Get your actual test results and the reference ranges. Many people are told they are 'normal' - but simply not being in the very top or bottom 2.5% is not adequate. You might well need to be towards the top of the free T3/free T4 ranges (and hence bottom of TSH range). Don't let your surgery fob you off by telling you that you don't need nor have a right to know.

See what happens when you increase your dose. Obviously if you don't have plenty of spare thyroxine lying around this is difficult without getting your doctor on board.

I'd also suggest consideration of vitamin B12 and vitamin D - either or both of which could be low in Hashimoto sufferers. See if your doctor will test you for both of these.




You confirmed some of my own thoughts,just didn't know if I was on the right track.

Interesting info about vitamin deficiency,so will bring this up with GP also.



Hi Paula,

I also have Hashimotos and I have also had hormonal problems with the Pill and I do understand how you feel because its difficult to tell which one causes my peoblems, but I have found that over time I have noticed the subtle differences and it has helped to keep a note of how I am feeling when I have had my thyroxine dose increased. Unfortunately it probably has taken a couple of years of ups and downs, but I do think I can tell the difference now.

I would also like to add that someone suggested taking vitamin C when you have Hashimotos disease which I started taking a couple of weeks ago and I have noticed a difference, my general health just feels better.

Kind regards,




Any info helps to build up a picture.I will try the Vit C,

Kind regards,



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