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Autoimmune Anitobodies Test


I am wondering if anyone knows much about Autoimmune Antibodies? I am trying to find out if the results to the test for autoimmune antibodies are like a TSH test and if you have over a certain amount it means you have a problem or if everyone has the antibodies anyway and it only causes problems if you have over a certain amount. Ive always thought it was a case of if you have antibodies it automatically means you have Hashimotos disease, but I am trying to help a friend and I want to make sure I have my facts right.

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy new year xxx

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As far as I am aware you either test negative or positive for specifc anti bodies. I tested postive for the thyroid antibodies and got a result of over 1,000 but I have also had tests for rhuematoid ones that were negative and another one that came back negative also. Just gone back and looked at my records (I have a full copy now) and it definately comes back simply as negative. I had lupus antibodies looked at and something else that I can't work out but they are all negative.

Hope that helps.


Thank you Poppy03, thats really helpfull. I've been tested but no one really told me anything about the actual results, just that I have Hashimotos disease.

Happy Christmas


That would mean you have tested positive. Call up the GP surgery and ask for the numbers for that test. It will indicate how far along you are.


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