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the chicken or the egg!

Hi guy's.

I have read conflicting information with regards to treatment for being hypo and having adrenal fatigue.

Is it best to start treatment for the adrenal issue before treating the hypo or vice versa?

I have decided not to wait and see what my endo (nhs) decides is the best course of action to take (eventually) when I finally get my adrenal test done (the one he ordered because he didn't trust my privately done ones). Instead I am going to trust those results and see someone privately to get natural thyroid instead of Thyroxine.

I am going to keep seeing my nhs endo basically to use him for the test and anything else I think I can get out of him that might help me.

I do feel a little bad about that but to be honest I am going to do anything I can to help me get a better quality of life!

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!!

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Good please let me know how you get on, im so scared of seeing anyone other than my GP for fear of more confusionxx


Good luck with what your doing keep us updated as to how you get on .

Jan x


hi i am in the same boat have had private saliva test done but gp wont accept these, am thinking about supplements for adrenals(but have to decrease levo for a week ) before i do this and its a bit scary i have to pluck up the courage first x

please let us know how you get on and good luck x


Don't feel bad about it, after all that's what they're there for, and anyway why should you spend out more because the nhs don't do a decent job? The job that they are paid to do and don't?

All the best

Rose x


HI Gym guy,

you have to get the adrenals right before the thyroid. If you are already on thyroid meds, (t4) stop them for at least a week to give the adrenals a rest. The NHS test will tell you that you either have a severe problem, or it will tell you are ok. The nhs do not recognise adrenal fatigue, only failure. How are you hoping to get natural thyroid? by private prescription? Why don't you just buy your own and get a doctor to check you over every few months or so? Importing meds for your own use is perfectly legal, but if you spend more than £18 you may be hit with VAT and an £8 handling charge. How are you planning to treat the adrenals?



It is possible to obtain natural thyroid via your NHS GP on a 'Named Patient Basis'. We have a document on this if anyone needs it. Thyroid UK does not advocate self-treatment, we STRONGLY advise that you are closely monitored by a healthcare professional.




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