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I've been on Levothyroxine for 20 years. My husband has now developed classic hypo symptoms which are getting worse. He had a blood test about 6 months ago and the doctor said his levels were normal. He thinks 'hypo' is a woman's problem and won't go back to the doctor. I'm worried about him and it would be really helpful to know about other men diagnosed hypo.

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I am man, diagnosed hypo. My TSH was around 5.75 at diagnosis about 5 months ago.

Definitely very pleased that my partner encouraged me to get tested at first signs and again three or four times thereafter - each time showing TSH had gone up a bit more. I feel better in so many, many ways - and that is on just 50 mcg a day.

As it happens, I have an article on hip fractures in slightly hypo- (and hyper-) thyroid specifically in men.

(I disagree with some of the conclusions.)

Tell him if he doesn't go back, he's being a big girl's blouse. :-)

And as always, don't take the answer 'normal' - get the numbers.




Many thanks for responding. I have read your reply and the linked article to my husband and I am hopeful he will now go back to the doctor.



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